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All Xbox Games Will Look and Play Better on Xbox Series X/S at Launch

All Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games will play even better on the Xbox Series X/S at launch.

In a new announcement from Xbox’s Director of Program Management, the team confirms that all Xbox games will look and perform better on the next-gen hardware. This statement might seem obvious, but there’s more to it than you’d think.

Firstly, Jason Ronald confirms that a huge number of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games will play on the Xbox Series X/S at launch. Basically, every game currently available on the Xbox One will play on the new console, no matter when it first released.

Xbox Series X/S
(Source: Microsoft)

Every Xbox Game Looks and Plays Better on Series X/S

What’s more, each of these games will look and play better on the Xbox Series X/S than ever before. This incredible accomplishment comes after what Ronald states was over 500,000 hours of testing.

The Xbox team has certainly given their all to develop the ultimate console for Microsoft fans. This huge focus on backward compatibility helps explain why the console’s games are switching boxes labelled Xbox, rather than indicating they’re for Series X/S.

Xbox Backwards Compatible
(Source: Microsoft)

It also means that there’s a huge backlog of games for fans to pick up when purchasing their new Series X/S. If this is your first console in a while, you’ve got thousands of titles at your fingertips, and each is optimized to play better than ever.

There are just a couple of exceptions to this rule, however. Those Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that require the Kinect will not be playable on Series X/S.

Personally, it’s hard to think of that anyone is actually going to miss Kinect Adventures though.

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There is also a significant back catalog of Xbox and Xbox 360 games that never made it to Xbox One. As a result, it seems these games will also not be playable on Series X/S, at least at launch.

Today, Xbox Series X/S unboxing videos took the internet by storm. We finally get a chance to see exactly what the upcoming console will look like when we get our hands on it.

What’s more, new images of the Xbox Series X/S in a home setting have arrived. The devices look like great additions to the living room for those who can secure a pre-order.

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