Breath of the Wild has its Korok Seeds, and Pokemon Legends Arceus has its Wisps!

Pokemon Legends Arceus features a lot of familiar moments, especially if you played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The story of Hisui does bring a lot of moments reminiscent of what players love about the series.

For instance, you can still find and catch Pikachu in Legends Arceus. But, even catching Pokemon is a whole different experience.

Most things in Pokemon Legends Arceus feel crafted or ancient to some degree.

Even some of the stories and requests villagers share with you are reminiscent of old times when Pokemon and humans did not live together.

One of these requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus sends you in a quest of looking for wisps all around Hisui. Finding the 107 small ghastly fireballs to complete this request is a challenge on its own!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Coastland Wisp

Find All 107 Wisps in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finding all 107 Wisps in Pokemon Legends Arceus is a massive challenge! The Wisps ques is Request 22 “Eerie Apparitions in the Night” and is provided to you by Vessa early in the game.

Before going on this quest, remember that talking to Vessa will give you a detailed breakdown of all the Wisps collected per area.

Additionally, talking to Vessa will also give you rewards based on the number of Wisps you have collected.

Make sure to search for Wisps at night! Some of them only appear during nighttime.

These are all the locations of the Wisps in Hisui!

Jubilife Village All Wisps Locations

  • The Wisp you get during the tutorial when you receive Request 22 from Vessa
  • Behind the Training Grounds building
  • Behind the Galaxy building
  • Wisp Behind the Crafting building
  • Shed near the fast travel point of the Farm
  • From the Farm fast travel point, there is a Wisp between the huts to the left
  • Prelude Beach near the stone and tree by the dock

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Obsidian Fieldlands All Wisps Locations

To completely get all the 20 Wisps in Obsidian Fieldlands, you will require the Wyrdeer and Basculegion mount.

Since this is an open area, the description of each Wisp can be somewhat vague. But, all these Wisps are in order from the top of Fieldlands map to the bottom.

You can use the map below the list to have a more concise idea of each Wisp’s location.

Also, if you are a fan of Pikachu, here is how you can find a Pikachu in Obsidian Fieldlands!

  • Elevated rock on left to the Fieldland’s camp
  • Horshoe Plains, next to the hill where Alpha Rapidash is located, you can find all Alpha locations in Legend Arceus in this guide.
  • Grueling Grove, on the cliffside
  • Small cliff on the right side of the pond where Alpha Snorlax is located
  • Lake Verity cliff side, you can get here fromm the pond cliff
  • Sandgem Flats, elevated rock close to Alpha Alakazam
  • Near the center of Ramanas Island
  • Tiny island in front of Ramanas Island
  • High cliff right besides Heights Camp
  • Near Worn Bridge, close to Alpha Floatzel
  • Small rock formation right of Deertrack Path
  • West of Heights Camp
  • South of Nature’s Pantry
  • From Heights Camp all the way to the East, close to flying Gyarados
  • Southwest from Grandtree Arena, near of Alpha Lopunny
  • Bottom ridge west of Alpha Lopunny location
  • Cliff near Alpha Bibarrel
  • Cliff north of The Heartwood
  • Top side of Oreburrow Tunnel
  • Small islet at the base of Obsidian Falls
All Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

Crimsom Mirelands All Wisps Locations

To collect all the 20 Wisps in Crimsom Mirelands, you will only require the Wyrdeer mount.

  • Cliff south of the Golden Lowlands, right before the ponds and ruins start
  • West from the ponds in Golden Lowlands
  • Cliff on the south of Gapejaw Bog
  • Middle of the pong on the southwest edge of the Crimeson Mirelands map
  • East side of the Holm of Trials, in the pond where Alpha Sliggoo is located
  • South of the Holm of Trials legend on the map
  • South of Ursa’s Ring, close to where Alpha Ursaring is located
  • Northwest of Scarlet Bog, close to a large breakable boulder
  • Up Bolderoll Slope, on the right side close to the river
  • Continue up in Bolderoll Slope, the left cliffside from where Onyx is located
  • Cliff on the left side of the Diamond Settlement
  • From Brava Arena, travel east. Wisps is in a cliff before reaching Shrouded Ruins
  • North from Cloudpool Ridge, visible from the Shrouded Ruins’ cliff Wisp location
  • West of Cloudpool Ridge on the cliff at the edge of the river
  • From the last Wisp, travel south following the ledge of the river
  • Southeast entrance of Lake Valor
  • Souteast from the entrance of Lake Valor, above Cottonsedge Prairie
  • Cottonsedge Prairie, near Togetic location
  • Hill east of Droning Meadow
  • North of Bogbound Camp, near a Galaxy Team member and Yanmas

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Crimson Mirelands All Wisps Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

Cobalt Coastlands All Wisps Locations

To collect all the 20 Wisps in Cobalt Coastlands, you will need the Wyrdeer and Basculegion mount for most of them. However, one specific Wisp in this area does require the Sneasler mount.

Additionally, since you are already traveling through this area, you might want to catch all the Unowns in Cobalt Coastlands.

  • Right in front fo the Beachside Camp
  • South below Crossing Slope
  • Seaside cliff on the east side of Aipom Hill
  • Pond west of Deadwood Haunt, near the Alpha Golduck
  • Tiny island east of Hideaway Bay
  • Small island in Tombolo Walk
  • One of the finger-like formations on Sand’s Reach
  • Small island to the west of Sand’s Reach
  • Small island to the north of Tranquility Cove, near the Alpha Mantine
  • Southern side of Firespit Island, near Alpha Magmar
  • South island from Firespit Island
  • Northermost island from Firespit Island on the very corner of the map
  • Island west from Firespit island, on the northermost part of the map
  • North of Islespy Shore
  • Spring Path cliff, you might need Sneasler for this one
  • West cliff at the end of Spring Path
  • Edge of cliff east from Windbreak Stand, right before reaching Veilstone Cape
  • Cimb down the cliff mentioned above to find another Wisp
  • Cliff on the south of Veilstone Cape
  • Rock formation south of Windbreak Stand near the beach
Cobalt Coastlands All Wisps Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

Coronet Highlands All Wisps Locations

The Coronet Highlands also has 20 Wisps. To collect Wisps in this area, you will need the Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Sneasler mounts.

Also, since you are already in Coronet Highlands, this is the perfect spot to catch Cherubi and Cherrim.

*Note: The map on this area has a minor location error; one of the Wisps south of Bolderoll Ravine is located sound of the Celestial Trail.

  • North of Heavenward Lookout
  • West of Highlands Camp, right at the southertn edge of the map at the beginning of the waterpath
  • Inside the Wayward Cave, past the Alpha Crobat
  • On top of the Wayward Cave in the split waterfall, accesible from the Mountain Camp
  • Underneath the Ancient Quarry in the Wayward Woods, on a pillar inside the cave with Bronzor and Bronzong
  • Road after the Bronzor cave, near the Alpha Teddiursas
  • Overreach near the Magnezone cliff west of the Lonely Spring
  • Pond on the Clamberclaw Cliffs
  • Seaside cliff on the east of Clamberclaw Cliffs, near Alpha Bronzong
  • On top of Moonview Arena, close to where you quell Electrode
  • East from Moontview Arena, above Sacred Plaza, you might want to check out how to catch Rotom in this area as it can be elusive!
  • Area between the Sacred Plaza and the ruins, right beside some ruin pillars
  • West of Primeval Grotto, next to the Alpha Rhyperior
  • Visible from the location of Alpha Rhyperior, next to Primeval Grotto
  • In Stonetooth Rows, near the Alpha Mismagius
  • South of the Bolderill Ravine, close the the Alpha Golem location
  • East of Bolderoll Ravine, near Alpha Gyarados location
  • *Cliff South of Celestial Trail
  • North of Fabled Spring in a cliff, you will need Sneasler
  • East of Fabled Spring, near the Alpha Clefable
Coronet Highlands All Wisps Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

Alabaster Icelands All Wisps Locations

To collect all the 20 Wisps in Alabaster Icelands, you will need the Wyrdeer, Sneasler, and Basculegion mounts. So, you can do collect these Wisps before getting Braviary.

South Alabaster Icelands Wisps

  • East from Snowfields Camp
  • Cliff west from Snowfields Camp, climb with Sneasler
  • Northwest from Whiteout Valley, right next to the cutaway in the mountain
  • High peak in the west, east from Avalanche Slopes
  • Avalanche Slopes Wisp, visible from the high peak
  • Southwest from Avalanche Slopes

North Alabaster Icelands Wisps

  • North of Icepeak Camp, break the boulders blocking the entrance of a cave, Wisp is inside
  • West from camp, near the Glacier Terrace, right above where an Aipom spawns
  • South of Icepeak Camp, west of Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Western end of Avalugg’s Legacy, near Alpha Machamp
  • Right on the left of the Icepeak Arena entrance

Lake Acuity Area Wisps

  • Behind a house in the Pearl Settlement
  • Left of the entrance of the Snowpoint Temple
  • Inside of the Snowpoint Temple, go to the second floor, you will need to solve the puzzle of Snowpoint Temple’s first door, enter the room and turn left
  • Waterfall in Lake Acuity, opposite side of Alpha Chimecho
  • Near the big piece of ice in Avalugg’s Legacy
  • Southeast of Avalugg’s Legacy ice pieces, in a stone that looks like the Pride Stone of the Lion King
  • East cliff from Avalugg’s Legacy, south of Heart’s Crag, overlooking the waterfall
  • Middle of Avalugg’s Legacy in small cliff
  • Go down the hole in the middle of Avaluggs Legacy, take two left turns and you will find the last Wisp

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All Wisps Rewards in Pokemon Legends Arceus

After gathering all the Wisps in the locations on Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will need to report to Vessa to get all your pending rewards and continue Request 22.

  • 5 Wisps – Oval Stone
  • 10 Wisps – Rare Cnady
  • 20 Wisps – Seed of Mastery
  • 30 Wisps – Dusk Stone
  • 40 Wisps – Exp. Candy L
  • 50 Wisps – Linking Cord
  • 60 Wisps – 5 Grit Pebbles
  • 70 Wisps – Reaper Cloth
  • 80 Wisps – 3 Seeds of Mastery
  • 90 Wisps – 2 Exp. Candy XL
  • 100 Wisps – 3 Grit Rocks

Big thanks to content creator Austin John Plays for creating these detailed Wisp guides for Pokemon Legends Arceus!

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