Players will receive a Wind Shard after defeating the formidable Eikon, Garuda. While the item is described as a crafting material, it doesn’t specify what it can be used to craft.

Fortunately, there is just one item that players can use Wind Shards to craft in FF16, and it’s an incredibly powerful sword.

Below, you’ll find every use for Wind Shards in FF16.

All Wind Shard Uses

You can use the Wind Shard material given to you after defeating Garuda to craft the Stormcry sword. There are no other uses for Wind Shards in FF16.

To craft the Stormcry sword, players will need to head to Blackthorne, the blacksmith in the Hideaway, and select Stormcry from the list of craftable swords.

It requires the following materials to be successfully crafted:

  • Wind Shard x 1
The Stormcry Sword crafting recipe and the Wind Shards ingredient

Stormcry has 135 attack and 135 stagger, making it the most powerful sword at that specific point in the story.

However, later on in the story, you will be able to craft the sword Flametongue by using Stormcry, a Fire Shard, and a Meteorite as crafting materials.

It is worth crafting Stormcry as soon as you get the Wind Shard. Having it as early as possible will help you defeat the higher-level enemies in the next area.

Players cannot get any more Wind Shards by replaying the Garuda fight via the Arete Stone. Instead, players will receive other material rewards.

You will also not receive another Wind Shard during the rest of your playthrough. It is a unique material that can only be gained once.

Of course, as there are no other weapons or pieces of gear that require Wind Shards to be made, there would be no point in getting more Wind Shards anyway.