The Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings event has a new selection of Pokemon that players can catch when adventuring in the wild.

From February 22 to 24, 2023, the following Pokemon will spawn much more often in the wild:

  • Absol
  • Barboach
  • Combusken
  • Grovyle
  • Marshtomp
  • Mudkip
  • Numel
  • Torchic
  • Treecko
  • Whismur
  • Wurmple

These wild Pokemon spawns are just a small part of the new content offering in the Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings event. In addition to the return of Rayquaza and Mega Legendary Pokemon, there are loads of fan favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Raids right now.

Plus, Primal reversion has come to Pokemon GO as well. Find out how to get Primal Groudon as well as how to get Primal Kyogre in Pokemon GO, as you won’t want to miss out on them!

Refer to the table below to find out whether you can encounter the shiny version of these Pokemon in the wild. Plus, we have also included the rarity of each of these Pokemon spawning in the wild.

PokemonImageCan it be Shiny?Spawn Rarity
AbsolAbsol Pokemon GOYesRare
BarboachPokemon GO BarboachYesCommon
CombuskenCombusken Pokemon GONoRare
GrovyleGrovyle Pokemon GONoRare
MarshtompMarshtomp Pokemon GONoRare
MudkipPokemon GO MudkipYesCommon
NumelNumel Pokemon GOYesCommon
TorchicTorchic Pokemon GOYesCommon
TreeckoTreecko Pokemon GOYesCommon
WhismurWhismur Pokemon GOYesCommon
WurmplePokemon GO WurmpleYesCommon

Even if it possible to encounter the shiny versions of most of these Pokemon, it is still very rare to find them. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact probability of finding shinies in Pokemon GO!

If you want to catch more of these Pokemon, you should make sure to activate your Daily Adventure Incense while you’re walking. Additionally, if you have a PokeStop nearby, you should use Lure Modules to attract Pokemon to you!

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