The Pokemon GO Evolving Stars event has plenty of evolved Pokemon spawning in the wild – here’s every Pokemon you can encounter during the event.

Pokemon GO players want to catch as many Pokemon as they can, and with each new event, the different creatures you can encounter in the wild update.

Of course, there’s plenty of new content in the Pokemon GO Evolving Stars event, but the most prominent of these is the new wild Pokemon that you’ll encounter. This is because you will spot these Pokemon everywhere you go!

The new pool of wild Pokemon will be available to encounter and catch in the wild from October 5 – 11. What’s more, the wild spawns include evolved ‘Mon like Poliwhirl, Kadabra, and Seadra, which will save you some Candy.

Cosmoem from Pokemon GO on a beach

Here are all of the wild Pokemon spawns during the Evolving Stars event as well as if you can catch a shiny version of them!

For more information on these super rare variants, check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide. This includes the exact chances of catching different shinies.

Every Wild Pokemon Encounter During Pokemon GO Evolving Stars – October 5 – 11

These are the 15 different Pokemon that you can encounter and catch in the wild during the Pokemon GO Evolving Stars event:

PokemonImageCan it be Shiny?
KakunaKakuna Pokemon GONo
PidgeottoPidgeotto Pokemon GONo
PoliwhirlPoliwhirl Pokemon GONo
KadabraKadabra Pokemon GONo
HaunterHaunter Pokemon GONo
RhyhornPokemon GO RhyhornYes
SeadraSeadra Pokemon GONo
ScytherPokemon GO ScytherYes
EeveeEevee Pokemon GOYes
SwinubSwinub Pokemon GOYes
RaltsRalts Pokemon GOYes
DuskullDuskull Pokemon GOYes
TynamoTynamo Pokemon GONo
LitwickLitwick Pokemon GONo
HelioptileHelioptile Pokemon GONo

Make sure you know how to boost how much Candy you earn in Pokemon GO before you go out to catch these Pokemon. That way, you’ll be able to evolve all of them much faster.

Also, there’s a new selection of Raid bosses in the Pokemon GO Evolving Stars event. These include two Legendaries, Yveltal and Xerneas, that have recently had their shiny form added to the game!

Finally, the Evolving Stars event has also added more steps to the Cosmog Quests. Here’s how to complete A Comic Companion in Pokemon GO!

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