If you’re looking to get your hands on all 7 free Weapon Case rewards on offer in DMZ, here’s what they are and how to get each one:

Warzone 2 has finally launched, and with it comes Call of Duty’s first extraction shooter mode: DMZ.

In the Demilitarized Zone, players are tasked with working as a team to infiltrate Al Mazrah, completing contracts and faction missions, and successfully extracting.

Extract With a Weapon Case DMZ

But there are also a great deal of bonus rewards up for grabs in the DMZ. And those who know where to look will be able to escape with a stylish new weapon to use in MW2 Multiplayer and Warzone 2‘s Battle Royale modes.

How to Get DMZ Weapon Case Rewards

To unlock a weapon Blueprint, Operator skin, or other free rewards in DMZ and keep them permanently in MW2 and Warzone 2.0, players will need to successfully extract with a Weapon Case.

The tricky part is that picking up a weapon case in DMZ marks a player on the map for everyone to see.

Extracting with a case on your person will be a difficult task to complete!

After all, calling in an exfil in DMZ already alerts players in the area that a helicopter is inbound. And with a weapon case in your possession, enemy Operators will know exactly where to find you.

Weapon Case Stolen in DMZ

All they have to do is wait until you make a break for the chopper and they’ll have a good shot at taking you down for the weapon case. Be sure to watch your back when it’s time to extract!

Thankfully, this easy glitch will let you extract with a Weapon Case for free in DMZ, every single game!

Where to Find Weapon Cases in DMZ

A Weapon Case is obtainable in DMZ by heading into the yellow zone with a question mark case icon and defeating a Juggernaut who will spawn within. This AI enemy will drop the Weapon Case which can then be extracted for a reward.

Weapon Case zones can spawn in one of three locations:

  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Observatory

How to Find & Kill the Juggernaut in DMZ

To find the Juggernaut, head into the highlighted yellow Weapon Case zone which appears at the start of every DMZ game. You’ll get an alert on your screen when you’re close to the AI boss’ location.

Only one Juggernaut (and therefore Weapon Case) will spawn per game, making it a race to get your hands on it. But be warned, the AI has a lot of health and even more firepower, so group up with your squad to take him down.

However, the enemy can be taken down easily by ramming him with a vehicle, allowing you to get a quick kill and escape with the case.

Where to Get a Weapon Case in DMZ

When a Weapon Case gets picked up, every Operator in the game will get an alert and be able to see the holder’s position on their Tac Maps.

The Weapon Case’s position will continually be updated until a player successfully extracts with it.

Where to Find a Weapon Case in DMZ

All DMZ Weapon Case Rewards

There are currently 7 unique Weapon Case rewards up for grabs in DMZ. Successfully extracting with a case will give players a new reward, with a maximum of 7 enticing drops up for grabs:

Caution Tape – RPK Weapon Blueprint

Caution Tape Blueprint DMZ

Biohazard – Weapon Sticker

Biohazard Weapon Sticker DMZ

Jungle Incognito – Heavy Chopper Vehicle Skin

Jungle Incognito Skin DMZ

Gas Gas Gas – Weapon Charm

Gas Gas Gas Charm in DMZ

Weapon Crate – Calling Card

Weapon Crate Calling Card in DMZ

Weapon Crate – Emblem

Weapon Crate Emblem in DMZ

Biohazard – Konig Operator Skin

Biohazard Skin Konig in DMZ

These 7 rewards will always drop in the order above, meaning that you’ll need to extract with a case successfully in 7 different DMZ matches to unlock the skin for Konig.

Want another skin for free? Here’s how to get the Burger Town Operator skin anywhere in the world!

And for more exciting rewards, here are all the Faction Missions that you’ll need to complete in DMZ.

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