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All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4 Beta: Fast Travel Around the Fractured Peaks

Master Sanctuary’s Terrain: Swiftly Conquer the Fractured Peaks

Waypoints are the best way to travel around the Diablo 4 map. Acting as the game’s Fast Travel locations, these glowing points of interest will help you teleport around the Fractured Peaks in an instant.

There are 7 Waypoint locations to unlock in the Diablo 4 Beta. They are located in the following areas:

  • Kyovashad
  • Menestad
  • Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Yelesna
  • Margrave
  • Nevesk
  • Nostrava

Players need to visit each location and interact with the Waypoint to unlock it. However, Nostrava’s Waypoint will require players to complete a side mission upon arrival before unlocking.

Here are all 7 Diablo 4 Beta Waypoints, shown on the Fractured Peaks map:

All 7 Fractured Peaks Teleport Waypoints Locations in Diablo 4

Of course, the Fractured Peaks make up just one small part of the Diablo 4 map, but it’s all that Beta players will have the chance to experience.

Below you’ll find close-ups of each region, along with where to find each Waypoint.

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Kyovashad Waypoint

Kyovashad Waypoint in Diablo 4

Menestad Waypoint

Menestad Waypoint in Diablo 4

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in Diablo 4

Yelesna Waypoint

Yelesna Teleport Waypoint Diablo 4

Margrave Waypoint

Margrave Teleport Waypoint Diablo 4

Nevesk Waypoint

Nevesk Waypoint in Diablo 4

Nostrava Waypoint

Nostrava Waypoint Location Diablo 4

Unlike other waypoints, the Nostrava waypoint requires players to complete a quest to unlock it.

Here’s how to complete the quest:

How to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint

Investigate the Village

  • First, head to the highlighted section on the map.
  • When you get close to the chapel, a red skull icon will appear inside it.
  • Enter the church, and you’ll be attacked by Negala and Crazed Villagers.
  • Defeat all the enemies.
Investigate the Village Diablo 4
Credit: WoW Quests

Investigate Villagers’ Homes

  • Head to the house in the southwest of the village.
  • Break down the door by attacking it.
  • Enter the house and destroy the Demonic Effigy within.
Investigate Villagers' Homes Diablo 4
Credit: WoW Quests

Destroy the Demonic Effigies

  • Now head to each of the houses marked on your map with white diamond icons.
  • Demons will attack you as you move around the village, so be on guard.
  • Break open the front doors and destroy the Demonic Effigies inside.
Destroy Demonic Effigies Diablo 4
Credit: WoW Quests

Return to the Chapel

  • Head back to the chapel where you were first attacked.
  • This will trigger a boss battle against Negala.
  • Shortly after, Negala will summon Torvala, and Kozira.
Negala Torvala, and Kozira Diablo 4
Credit: WoW Quests
  • After defeating all 3 enemies, head left from the chapel to find the Wanderer’s Shrine.
  • Interact with it to unlock the Nostrava Waypoint!
How to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint Diablo 4
Credit: WoW Quests

How to Fast Travel in Diablo 4

To Fast Travel in Diablo 4, simply pull up the map with M or the View Button/Touchpad on controller. Then, find one of the glowing blue Waypoints and select it to Fast Travel to that location in a matter of seconds.

Only previously visited and unlocked Waypoints will be available to travel to. Thankfully, the process is completely free, allowing you to zip around the map as much as you desire.

How to Unlock a Waypoint in Diablo 4

To unlock a Fast Travel Waypoint in Diablo 4, simply interact with the Waypoint with Left Click / X / A. This will light up the location and mark the Waypoint permanently on your map.

After this point, you’ll be free to travel back to this section of the map at any point.

Unfortunately, your Beta progress won’t carry over to Diablo 4’s launch day. When it comes to June 6, all players will need to unlock these Waypoints once again!

But there are a few rewards that can carry over to Diablo 4’s official release.

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