The Haunting update in Warzone has brought many secret challenges for players to complete, and here are all the objectives.

Each of these mystery tasks will reward players with items within the game, and there are a total of 10 to earn.

So, let’s dive into all the secret challenges you can complete in The Haunting and how to do them.

All Warzone The Haunting Secret Challenges

The ten secret challenges in the Warzone The Haunting update are:

  1. Complete the chess board easter egg.
  2. Finish the “Witch’s Book” easter egg.
  3. Run over a Zombie while driving.
  4. Get 5 jumpscares using Haunted Boxes.
  5. Win a match of Zombie Royale.
  6. Win 10 matches of Zombie Royale.
  7. Win a match of Zombie Royale as a Zombie.
  8. Play 50 matches of Zombie Royale.
  9. Win a match without dying.
  10. Tag 20 Operators with a Bloodseeker Grenade.

How to Complete Every The Haunting Secret Challenge

Chess Board Easter Egg (Vondead)

  • Reward: Checkmate Weapon Charm

To complete the Chess Board Easter Egg, you need to land at the chess board on the southeast of Vondead. Then, you will need to find the missing Knight in the surrounding area and bring it back to the chess board.

For a complete walkthrough of achieving this, check out our guide to completing the Chess Board Easter Egg.

Chess board location the haunting secret challenges

Witch’s Book Easter Egg (Vondead)

  • Reward: Witch’s Stick weapon blueprint

To finish this challenge, you need to land at the hut on the far left of the Graveyard POI. Inside, you must summon at the altar and then quickly head to the Windmill by Stadium.

Enter the windmill to find a ritual symbol, where the “Witch’s Stick” will come up from the ground. Retrieve the weapon to complete the challenge.

Check out our more in-depth walkthrough of the Witch’s Book Easter Egg

The Haunting Secret Challenges Witch's Book
Left: Hut location / Right: Windmill location

Run over a Zombie While Driving

  • Reward: Apocalypse Ready Vehicle Skin

For this challenge, you must run over a Zombie while driving a vehicle. The best way to complete this task is by bringing a vehicle near a Lilith altar in-game.

The Haunting Secret Challenges Vehicle Skin

In The Haunting, getting too close to a boss fight will result in the vehicle getting disabled. You need to leave the car close enough to the altar.

Once the vehicle is in place, head to the altar and begin the ritual, where you will lure the zombies back to your vehicle to run them over. These altars can be found at the icon shown below.

Altar icon

Get 5 Jumpscares Using Haunted Boxes

  • Reward: BOO! Calling Card

This challenge will rely on RNG as the jumpscares are not a guarantee. Haunted Boxes are found throughout Vondead and Al Mazrah.

They are obtainable by killing Zombies or randomly finding them as ground loot. However, we found the easiest way to locate these boxes is by playing Vondead Lockdown.

Haunted Boxes are a much more common drop from the loot crates around the map.

The Haunting Secret Challenges Boo Calling Card
Credit: LegoUnlocked

Win a Match of Zombie Royale

  • Reward: Made It Out Alive Sticker

This challenge is as simple as winning a game. To increase your odds of getting the victory, make sure every player sticks together as part of a team, and you keep open communication.

The Haunting Secret Challenges Made it Out Alive sticker
Credit: LegoUnlocked

Win 10 Matches of Zombie Royale

  • Reward: Apocalypse Survivor Calling Card

You will then need to win 9 more matches to complete this secret challenge in The Haunting. Once again, we suggest sticking together as a team and keeping open communication to ensure the best chances of winning.

Apocalyspe survivor reward
Credit: LegoUnlocked

Win a Match of Zombie Royale as a Zombie.

  • Reward: Unusual Escape Emblem

To complete this challenge, you must be a Zombie and have a teammate win the match as a human. Good communication will ensure you have the best chance of winning.

Credit: LegoUnlocked

Play 50 Matches of Zombie Royale

  • Reward: Witch’s Ritual Loading Screen

This challenge will have to be completed over time. If you want to finish it quickly, you could head into a game with your squad and eliminate yourselves immediately.

Witch's Ritual loading screen
Credit: LegoUnlocked

Win a Match Without Dying

  • Reward: Undead Runes Weapon Decal

This is one of the most challenging tasks to complete. This can be achieved on any map, so we recommend playing on Vondead as there are fewer players.

Your best strategy is to camp with your squad on a rooftop. Make sure all entrances and exits are covered.

Undead Runes

Tag 20 Operators With a Bloodseeker Grenade

  • Reward: You Can’t Hide Calling Card

To complete this task, you must throw Bloodseeker grenades at 20 real Operators. This equipment needs to be thrown directly at the player to count.

Bloodseeker Grenades are a random loot spawn, but you can get guaranteed drops from completing the Chess Board Easter Egg.

You can't hide
Credit: LegoUnlocked
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