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All Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Weapons Revealed So Far

If you’re looking for all the information about Tom Clancy’s XDefiant before its first beta launches, here are all the weapons we know about so far.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is the newest shooter on the block, even fresher than Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview which just went live last weekend. In just a couple of days’ time, the XDefiant beta will go live, and players will have our first look at actual gameplay for the upcoming title.

Make sure you sign up for the Tom Clancy’s XDefiant beta here to experience the game for yourself!

We’ve already had a look at two new XDefiant maps from The Division franchise recently. And now, one eager fan has made a list of all confirmed weapons coming to Tom Clancy’s XDefiant too.

tom clancy's xdefiant all weapons revealed
(Source: Ubisoft)

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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Every Gun in the Game

As we near the Tom Clancy’s XDefiant beta testing period, here are all the weapons coming to the game.

However, bear in mind that this is just what we know about so far. In a shooter like XDefiant, we’re likely getting a few more guns at launch, and even more during the game’s lifespan.

XDefiant All Guns Revealed


  • M4A1
  • M16A4
  • ACR 6.8


  • RPK-74
  • M60


  • MK 20 SSR
  • Mosin Nagant

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tom clancy's xdefiant weapons
(Source: Ubisoft)


  • Vector .45 ACP
  • MP7
  • MP5A2
  • P90


  • M870
  • AA-12


  • M1911
  • D50 (Desert Eagle)
  • 93R (Beretta 93R)

The list above comes from dedicated fan 0v3rK1ll on the official XDefiant subreddit.

For more information, check out our in-depth review on Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Factions here!

We wonder if major streamers will be inclined to check out XDefiant for themselves. After all, with hackers causing popular streamers to quit Warzone, a new FPS could be just what players need.

Then again, the Battlefield 2042 beta is dropping next month and hype for DICE’s game is already through the roof. Check out the new Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film which has fans excited to see more from the game’s story.

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