Companions are a crucial aspect of any good RPG, so it’s fortunate that Starfield has many of them.

Bethesda has created a range of unique companions throughout its games and seems to continue that tradition in Starfield.

From space cowboys to the iconic – and slightly annoying – Adoring Fan, there are many companions to meet and recruit in Starfield.

Below we’ve listed absolutely every companion and crewmate you will encounter in Starfield as well as their individual skills and abilities.

Every Starfield Companion & Crewmate

Here are all of the confirmed companions and crewmates in Starfield:

  • Adoring Fan (Crewmate)
  • Barrett (Constellation Companion)
  • Heller (Crewmate)
  • Marika Boros (Crewmate)
  • Sarah Morgan (Constellation Companion)
  • Sam Coe (Constellation Companion)
  • VASCO (Crewmate)
  • Lin (Crewmate)
  • Andreja (Constellation Companion)
  • Gideon Aker (Crewmate)
  • Simeon Bankowski (Crewmate)
  • Rosie Tannehill (Crewmate)
  • Omari Hassan (Crewmate)
  • Mickey Caviar (Crewmate)
  • Moara Otero (Crewmate)
  • Andromeda Kepler (Crewmate)
  • Jessamine Griffin (Crewmate)
  • Rafael Aguerro (Crewmate)
  • Sophia Grace (Crewmate)
  • Dani Garcia (Crewmate)
  • Amelia Earhart (Crewmate)
Sarah Morgan, Barrett and Sam Coe standing in the ship in Starfield

There are four main Constellation companions in Starfield. They each have their own unique questlines and can be romanced by the player.

Additionally, there are several side and minor companions that can join the player. These characters don’t have their own quests and cannot be romanced by the player.

Each companion has their own unique set of skills, with Constellation companions having four skills each and the remaining crewmates only having two or three.

All Constellation Companions in Starfield


Barrett and his skills in Starfield

Barrett is one of the core members of the Constellation team and, by his own admission, has an irresistible charm.

He is one of the Constellation’s earliest members, using his superior scientific knowledge to “explore the universe” and find the answers he’s seeking.

His proficiency in Starship Engineering will likely earn him a place onboard your ship, helping to maintain it after surviving another perilous dogfight.


  • Starship Engineering: 4 Stars
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems: 3 Stars
  • Robotics: 2 Stars
  • Gastronomy: 1 Star

Sam Coe

Sam Coe and his skills in Starfield

Sam Coe, a descendant of Solomon Coe, the founder of Akila City, is a good old-fashioned space cowboy and another core member of the Constellation team.

This legendary pilot also knows his way around a rifle, making him pretty handy in a fight. His connection to the Freestar Collective could also make him an advantageous asset when exploring their world.

Sam Coe is decidedly a bit of a maverick who”prefers life on the fringes of society.”


  • Piloting: 4 Stars
  • Rifle Certification: 3 Stars
  • Payloads: 2 Stars
  • Geology: 1 Star

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan and her skills in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is the leader of the Constellation faction and plays a pivotal role in your Starfield journey.

She is an ex-soldier and adventurer, so expect her to bring a lot to the table when it comes to fighting bad guys in space.


  • Astrodynamics: 4 Stars
  • Lasers: 3 Stars
  • Leadership: 2 Stars
  • Botany: 1 Star


Andreja in Starfield

Andreja is one of the four romanceable Constellation companions and perhaps the most independent out of all Constellation members.

She is best at being sneaky, shown by her high rank in Stealth. Additionally, she can be very useful on your ship for those tough space battles due to her Particle Beams and Energy Weapon Systems skills.

  • Stealth: 4 Stars
  • Particle Beams: 3 Stars
  • Energy Weapon Systems: 2 Stars
  • Theft: 1 Star

All Crewmate Companions in Starfield

Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan in Starfield

The Adoring Fan makes a surprise return in Starfield after he was last seen hurtling from a cliff in Oblivion. Well, only if you couldn’t stand his constant chatter anymore.

Much like in Oblivion, the Adoring Fan will follow you, worshipping the ground you walk on. However, he’s only available as a companion if you pick the “Hero Worshipped” trait.


  • Weight lifting: 2 Stars
  • Concealment: 1 Star
  • Scavenging: 1 Star


The Starfield companion Heller

Heller can be located on a desolate planet, desperate to escape and more than willing to join your crew. He can be recruited during the “Back to Vectera” quest.

Fortunately, we know he’s good at helping with your Outpost maintenance. Ironically, he may end up going from being stuck on one planet to being stuck working for your Outpost.

  • Outpost Engineering: 3 Stars
  • Geology: 1 Star

Marika Boros

The Starfield companion Marika Boros

Little is known about Marika Boros beyond the fact that the player can recruit her from a space station named The Viewport.

She is proficient with guns, shotguns and laser guns specifically, but beyond that, she is a minor companion character.


  • Ballistics: 2 Stars
  • Shotgun Certification: 1 Star
  • Particle Beam Weapon Shield Systems:Systems: 1 Star


The robot VASCO in Starfield

VASCO is a utility robot with a deadpan sense of humor, akin to TARS from Interstellar. It was the first companion revealed for Starfield and likely a fan favorite.

VASCO can help repair your ship and take on enemies thanks to its versatile set of tools and weaponry. It can also call you by your chosen name, which is a nifty immersive feature.


  • Aneutronic Fusion: 1 Star
  • Shield Systems: 1 Star
  • Em Weapon Systems: 1 Star


Supervisor Lin Starfield

Lin is one of the first characters you meet in Starfield as she is your supervisor at the Argos Extractors Mining company. You will have the opportunity to recruit her during the mission, “Back to Vectera.”

She specializes in Outpost Management and can help you speed up the process of gathering resources throughout the game.


  • Outpost Management: 3 Stars
  • Demolitions: 1 Star

Gideon Aker

Gideon Aker

Gideon Aker is a hireable crewmate who can be found at the Viewport in New Atlantis. He specializes in Ship weaponry such as your ballistic weapons and missile launchers.

Hiring Gideon Aker will be an expensive task as he requires 16,500 credits to join your crew. However, if you persuade him, you can bring this down to 8,250 credits.


  • Ballistic Weapon Systems: 2 Stars
  • Missile Weapon Systems: 2 Stars

Simeon Bankowski

Simeon Bankowski

Simeon Bankowski is a weapons expert and will be helpful for those on missions aimed at taking out enemies. Bankowski can be found drinking at the Viewport in New Atlantis.

Hiring him will cost you around 13,500 credits, although you will have the opportunity to persuade him to bring that number down to 6,750.


  • Sharpshooting: 1 Star
  • Sniper Certification: 2 Stars
  • Marksmanship: 1 Star

Rosie Tannehill

Rosie tannehill

Rosie Tannehill is a crewmate who is an expert in health and wellness. If you are in need of a doctor for your ship or Outpost, this is the NPC for you.

Rosie can be found at the Hitching Post in Akila City, but it will cost you 12,000 credits to recruit her. However, you can also try persuade her to bring it down to 6,000 credits.


  • Medicine: 1 Star
  • Wellness: 3 Stars

Omari Hassan

Omari Hassan

If you are struggling to win those air battles, Omari Hassan is the guy for you. With him on board your crew, he will make your shields stronger.

Hiring him will come at a cost of 16,500 credits, but through the use of persuasion, you can bring this down to 8,250. He is found at the Hitching Post in Akila City.


  • Shield Systems: 3 Stars
  • Starship Engineering: 1 Star

Micky Caviar

Micky Caviar

Micky Caviar is a chef looking for work. You can find him in the Astral Lounge, on Neon. If you are looking for someone to assist you in making food your crew, Micky is the go-to man.

Hiring him will come at a price of 12,000 credits but if you persuade him you can bring it down to 6,000 instead.


  • Gastronomy: 1 Star
  • Incapacitation: 1 Star
  • Wellness: 2 Stars

Moara Otero

Moara Otero

Moara Otero is a man with expertise in EM Weapon Systems and in Marksmanship. Throughout your journey, you will naturally run into him as he offers his services for saving him and his ship.

This means his recruitment will be entirely free. He is found in The Broken Spear in Cydonia on Mars.


  • EM Weapon Systems: 2 Stars
  • Marksmanship: 2 Stars

Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler is an excellent choice for a companion to set up at one of your Outposts. With her Outpost Engineering skill, she is certainly capable of the job.

She can be found at The Broken Spear in Cydonia on Mars but she will cost some credits to hire. She will will cost 15,000 credits but you can try and persuade her down to 7,500.


  • Aneutronic Fusion: 1 Star
  • Outpost Engineering: 2 Stars
  • Piloting: 1 Star

Jessamine Griffin

Jessamine Griffin

Jessamine Griffin is a member of the Crimson Fleet. She is looking for work with her expertise being in Theft and Ballistic Weapons Systems.

She can be found in the Last Nova in the Key in the Kryx System. Griffin will require 18,000 credits to begin working for you but with persuasion you can take it down to 9,000.


  • Theft: 1 Star
  • Concealment: 1 Star
  • Ballistic Weapons Systems: 2 Stars

Rafael Aguerro

Rafael Aguerro

Rafael is a great crewmate to assign to an Outpost as he is the only one with both Outpost Engineering and Outpost Management as their skills.

You will come across him in a late game mission on the planet Freya III. Without spoiling the mission, you will have a choice to make with the outcome determining whether you can recruit him or not.


  • Outpost Engineering: 1 Star
  • Outpost Management: 1 Star
  • Starship Engineering: 2 Stars

Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace is a specialist in Stealth. She can be found at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Neon.

Hiring Sophia will set you back 16,500 credits or 8,250 if you can successfully persuade her. She does not have many skills, but she could be useful if you are trying to be sneaky.


  • Stealth: 3 Stars
  • Lasers: 1 Star

Dani Garcia

Dani Garcia

Dani Garcia is a researcher who is looking for work. She specializes in all things robotic, so if you are on a mission fighting these types of enemies, she’s your go-to crewmate!

She can be found in Euphorika in Neon and will require 12,000 credits for her services. However, you can of course, persuade her to bring it down to 6,000.


  • Chemistry: 1 Star
  • Robotics: 2 Stars
  • Energy Weapon Systems: 1 Star

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Yes, you read that right. Amelia Earhart is in Starfield, well kind of. On the planet Charybdis 3, players will come across a ton of NPCs who resemble historical figures, however, they are only clones.

After completing the quest “Operation Starseed” players will have the option to recruit Amelia. Although, if you select “”Full Project Cleanse option” during the mission, you will not be able to hire her.


  • Piloting: 2 Stars
  • Rifle Certification: 2 Stars
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