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All Spider-Man Miles Morales Suits Revealed So Far

One of the most exciting parts of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is that we’re getting a whole new take on the popular web-slinger, with a bunch of new suits.

With less than a month until Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases, Insomniac Games is teasing some of the game’s new content. Now, a series of new screenshots reveal some of the upcoming suits that Miles Morales will be able to wear as Spider-Man.

An exciting feature of Marvel’s Spider-Man was the ability to unlock new suits for Peter Parker. Now, we’re finally getting a look at just how Miles Morales will be switching up his style.

Of course, we’ve already seen a glimpse of the new Spider-Man in action, but we now have a good idea of what other costumes will be making an appearance.

All Spider-Man: Miles Morales Suits

Beginner Suit

(Source: Insomniac Games)

At the beginning of the game, Miles doesn’t have much to work with. The new Spider-Man might have superpowers, but he doesn’t have a super wardrobe just yet.

The Beginner Suit is basically Miles’ normal clothing, with a blue winter jacket, red hoodie, and black shorts. He also reportedly pays special attention to his sneakers, which may be an in-game collectible.

Interestingly, the Beginner Suit appears to have two variants. While the game’s artbook shows off a black-masked Miles, this short Instagram clip clearly shows the standard red available too.

Gift Suit

As you can likely guess from the name, the Gift Suit is given to Miles as his first fully-fledged Spider Suit. According to reports, this costume is closer to a pair of pajamas than a real suit.

Miles will be rocking the traditional red and blue color scheme in this early outfit. Later, he’ll finally get his hands on something slightly more advanced.

Iconic Suit

Miles Morales Iconic Suit
(Source: Insomniac Games)

The Iconic Suit is the one that Miles Morales fans know best. The black and red design is, put simply, iconic from head to toe.

This is Miles’ go-to suit and the one that appears on the game’s box-art. Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man will know, it’s not necessary to stay in the cover suit for long, but it just feels right to see it in cutscenes.

T.R.A.C.K. Suit

T.R.A.C.K. Suit Spider-Man
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Marvel artist Javier Garrón has created a brand new Miles Morales suit for the upcoming PS5 game. This new T.R.A.C.K. Suit is a dazzling white, with a dominant red spider emblazoned on the front.

This look is as brilliantly different as the Advanced Suit was in Marvel’s Spider-Man. We can’t wait to see it in action alongside Peter Parker as the two Spider-Men team-up.

Cat Suit

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, players could unlock a shirtless Peter Parker wearing only underpants and a mask. Now, it seems that Insomniac is attempting to one-up itself with the Cat Suit.

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Not much is know about this suit, other than it features a masked cat in a backpack. Let’s hope it’s not quite as challenging to unlock as the Undies Suit was.

2020 Suit

2020 Spider Suit
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Finally, we have a newly-revealed costume known only as the 2020 Suit. This high-tech outfit features LED eyes under a shiny, new helmet.

Miles wears what resembles a racing jacket, with light-up fingertips, sneakers, and a striking red spider-emblem.

Other than these new suits shown off by gameinfomer, we know there are still more to come in the near future. When Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches, there will likely be a host of additional suits to discover.

As we eagerly wait for more footage of the suits in action, we’ve just had a new glimpse of Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ first boss. Interestingly, it seems by this point, Miles will have his hands on the Iconic Suit.

The upcoming PS5 launch title isn’t the only Spider-Man content to be excited about, however. Insomniac Games is also making major changes to Spider-Man’s PS5 remaster, including changing Peter Parker as we know him.

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