A brand-new selection of Shadow Raid bosses will be available to battle during the October 2023 Team GO Rocket Takeover event in Pokemon GO!

Team GO Rocket returning in Pokemon GO also means the return of plenty of Shadow Pokemon in Raids. This new selection includes plenty of popular Shadow ‘Mon, as well as the long-awaited return of a classic Shadow Legendary.

Every Shadow Raid Boss in the October 2023 Team GO Rocket Takeover

The following Pokemon will be available to battle in Shadow Raids during the Team GO Rocket Takeover, which is running from 10 AM on October 26 until 8 PM on October 31, 2023:

Pokemon Raid TierCan it Be Shiny?
Shadow Gastly
Pokemon GO Gastly
Shadow Grimer
Grimer Pokemon GO
Shadow Litwick
Litwick Pokemon GO
Shadow Nidorina
Nidorina Pokemon GO
Shadow Nidorino
Nidorino Pokemon GO
Shadow Golbat
Golbat Pokemon GO
Shadow Lugia
(October 28 and 29 only)
Lugia Pokemon GO

Unfortunately, only Shadow Grimer and Shadow Lugia have the chance of being shiny. However, this is the first time in Pokemon GO history that shiny Shadow Lugia will be available to catch!

Just make sure you battle Shadow Lugia in the small window that it will be a Raid boss. Shadow Lugia is in Raids from 10 AM local time on October 28 until 8 PM local time on October 29, giving players just two days to catch one!

Pokemon GO Tour Johto Shadow Lugia

In addition to the Shadow Raid bosses, a selection of spooky Pokemon will also be available to battle in Pokemon GO Raids during this period. Find out all of the Halloween Raid bosses in Pokemon GO here!

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