Pokemon GO has a very exciting selection of Legendary and Mega Pokemon in Raids during February 2023! Here’s when you can battle them:

  • February 1 – 8
  • February 8 – 15
  • February 15 – 22
    • Legendary – Regirock
    • Mega – Mega Pidgeot
  • February 22 – March 1
    • Legendary – Rayquaza
    • Mega – Mega Latias & Latios

If it’s the Legendaries you’re after, the perfect time to catch each of them is during Raid Hours, as these events greatly increase the number of Tier 5 Raids taking place. Here’s the date for every Pokemon GO Raid Hour happening in February 2023, so you don’t miss them!

What’s more, catching the shiny versions of Legendary Pokemon is more common than you may expect, and all of the Legendaries this month have an available shiny form. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact chance of encountering shiny Legendaries!

Even rare than a shiny Legendary Pokemon is a shadow Legendary, and Shadow Registeel has just come to the game! Here’s how to catch Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO, as you won’t be able to get one from Raid battles.

Meanwhile, if you want to Mega Evolve your Pokemon, you’ll need more Mega Energy. Here’s how to earn Mega Energy in Pokemon GO so you can do just that!

Pokemon GO February 2022 Legendary Raids

Finally, this month promises to be very exciting for every Pokemon GO player! In the February 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule, there is a very exciting Community Day, the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event, and much more!

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