Pumpkaboo is a Pokemon that comes in many sizes in Pokemon GO, but one is better than the others!

Catching ’em all is the aim of Pokemon GO, but some Pokemon have more than one version. Pumpkaboo is one of those Pokemon, although its variations are very different from the other creatures you can catch.

The Pumpkin-like Pokemon comes in a number of different sizes, each of which has different stats. And while you’ll probably want to catch all of them, you’ll probably want to evolve and power up just one, thanks to limited Candy and Stardust.

All Pumpkaboo Sizes in Pokemon GO

There are 4 different sizes of Pumpkaboo in Pokemon GO:

  • Small
  • Average
  • Large
  • Super

Each of these Pumpkaboo sizes appears different in-game, and they also have different stats.

To add every variant to your Pokedex, you will have to catch each size of Pumpkaboo in the wild. This is because there is no way of changing the size of Pumpkaboo in Pokemon GO.

Every size of Pumpkaboo is available to catch in the wild during the 2023 Pokemon GO Harvest Festival event!

Also, as each Pumpkaboo has different stats, you’ll want to know the stats of each size as well as which one is the most powerful.

Pokemon GO Pumpkaboo Sizes

Stats of Different Pumpkaboo Sizes

The larger the Pumpkaboo, the higher its stamina stat. This means that the Super-sized Pumpkaboo has the highest stamina stat out of all of the sizes.

However, the larger the Pumpkaboo, the lower its attack and defense stats are. However, the increases in these are so small, it is barely noticeable.

Pumpkaboo SizeAttackDefense Stamina

Which Pumpkaboo Size is Best to Power Up & Evolve?

The best Pumpkaboo in Pokemon GO is the Super-size Pumpkaboo. This is because it has a much higher stamina stat than the rest of the sizes, even if its attack and defense are slightly lower.

Therefore, if you want to power up a Pumpkaboo or evolve it into Gourgeist, we recommend it being a Super-size one.

However, it is also harder to find a Super-size Pumpkaboo than the other sizes. Therefore, you may have to catch quite a few before you find one that has good enough IV values to evolve.

Pokemon GO Pumpkaboo Pumpkins

How to Evolve Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist in Pokemon GO

To evolve Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist in Pokemon GO, you need to spend 200 Pumpkaboo Candy and press the evolve button.

This evolution method is exactly the same for all of the different Pumpkaboo sizes, but you’ll probably want to prioritize evolving a Super-sized Pumpkaboo first.

  • Catch a Pumpkaboo
  • Earn 200 Pumpkaboo Candy
  • Press the Evolve button to change your Pumpkaboo into Gourgeist

Can You Catch Shiny Pumpkaboo in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can catch a shiny version of Pumpkaboo in Pokemon GO. It was added to the game as part of the 2022 Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Instead of being orange, a shiny Pumpkaboo is purple in color. This makes it stand out when you encounter one.

Shiny Costumed Pumpkaboo Pokemon GO
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