The Raid bosses available to battle in Pokemon GO change at 10 AM local time every Wednesday in March 2023. This means that there’s a brand new Legendary and Mega Pokemon to fight every week!

These are all of the Mega and Legendary Pokemon available to battle in March 2023:

If you want to catch the Legendary Pokemon available this month, the best time to catch them is during the March 2023 Pokemon GO Raid Hours. Each Legendary Pokemon will be featured in a Raid Hour this month, giving players plenty of opportunity to battle and catch ’em all!

Also, you’ll want to find out the exact odds of encountering shiny Legendaries in Pokemon GO. If there’s a shiny version of the Pokemon in the game, then there’s always a chance of finding the shiny version after Raids!

However, if it is Mega Pokemon you’re after, you’ll need a lot more Mega Energy than winning Raids gives you. Find out every way to get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO, so you can Mega Evolve all of your ‘Mon!

Pokemon GO Five Star Raids March 2023

As well as all of the Mega and Legendary ‘Mon in Raids, there’s plenty more to look forward to in Pokemon GO this month too. Find out the dates and featured Pokemon of every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour in March 2023!

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