A new season in the Pokemon GO Battle League means that a new selection of rewards is on offer – here’s what you can earn in the Timeless Travels season!

Players can earn loads of rewards by rising up the ranks in the Timeless Travels season of the GO Battle League. These rewards are divided into three groups:

  • Reward Encounters
  • Guaranteed Rank-Up Encounters
  • Avatar Clothing & Item Rewards

To earn every reward available this season, you’ll need to reach the highest rank – Legendary!

GO Battle League Reward Encounters & Levels

If you win 3 of your 5 battles within a GO Battle League set, you earn an encounter with a random Pokemon. The Pokemon you could encounter changes depending on what rank you are in the GO Battle League.

As you rise up the ranks in the GO Battle League, the pool of possible Pokemon increases to include rarer Pokemon like Axew, Deino and Jangmo-o.

These are all of the reward encounter Pokemon in Timeless Travels:

Machop1+Pokemon GO MachopShiny Machop pokemon GO
Marill1+Pokemon GO MarillShiny Marill Pokemon GO
Gligar1+Gligar Pokemon GOShiny Gligar Pokemon GO
Spheal1+Pokemon GO SphealShiny Spheal Pokemon GO
Skwovet1+Skwovet Pokemon GONot Available
Frillish (Male)6+Frillish Pokemon GOShiny Frillish (Male) Pokemon GO
Carbink6+Carbink Pokemon GONot Available
Alolan Vulpix11+alolan vulpix pokemon goShiny Alolan Vulpix Pokemon GO
Lickitung11+Pokemon GO Lickitung Table
Drilbur11+Drilbur Pokemon GOShiny Drilbur Pokemon GO
Phantump11+Phantump Pokemon GOShiny Phantump Pokemon GO
Mareanie11+Mareanie Pokemon GONot Available
Vullaby16+Vullaby Pokemon GOShiny Vullaby Pokemon GO
Wooloo16+Wooloo Pokemon GONot Available
Falinks16+Falinks Pokemon GONot Available
Current 5-Star Raid Boss20+Battle Reward Legendary Raid BossDepends on the boss
GoomyAce RankGoomy Pokemon GOShiny Goomy Pokemon GO
DeinoVeteran RankDeino Pokemon GOShiny Deino Pokemon GO
Jangmo-oExpert RankJangmo-o Pokemon GONot Available

Guaranteed Rank-Up Reward Encounters

After reaching certain ranks in the GO Battle League, you will get a guaranteed encounter with a particular Pokemon. As the ranks go up, you can earn encounters with rarer Pokemon.

These are all of the guaranteed rank-up encounter Pokemon in the Timeless Travels GO Battle League season and which rank you will get them:

Hisuian Sneasel
Hisuian Sneasel Pokemon GO
Machoke Pokemon GO
Deino Pokemon GO
Ace Rank
Goomy Pokemon GO
Veteran Rank
Jangmo-o Pokemon GO
Expert Rank
Pikachu Libre
Pikachu Libre Pokemon GO
Legendary Rank

Avatar Items & Clothes

As well as encounters with Pokemon, players can earn items of clothing for their Avatars and Elite TMs for ranking up in the GO Battle League!

This season, the exclusive Avatar items are themed around Ingo from Pokemon Black & White, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

GO Battle League Rank Reward
19 Elite Charged TM
19 Elite Fast TM (End of Season)
Ace Rank Ingo Gloves and Shoes
Veteran Rank Ingo Pants
Expert Rank Ingo Shirt
Legend RankIngo Pose
Pokemon GO Timeless Travels Ingo Costume & Pose

These are all of the GO Battle League rewards in the Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO. Be sure to reach Legendary rank before the season ends on March 1, 2023, so you can earn them all!

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