Here are all of the rewards and Pokemon encounters you can get in the Mythical Wishes season of the GO Battle League!

While players compete in the GO Battle League for glory, the rewards are also pretty good too. And with Season 9: Mythical Wishes coming to Pokemon GO, the rewards on offer have changed.

Once you have browsed through the Mythical Wishes GO Battle League schedule to see what cups you can compete in, we have all of the rewards you can earn below!

Pokemon GO Battle League & Cup Dates - Mythical Wishes

GO Battle League Reward Encounters & Levels

Players can earn an encounter with a random Pokemon from the GO Battle League reward track. However, which ones you can get depends on your rank.

Here are all of the reward encounters during the Mythical Wishes season as well as what rank you need to reach to have a chance of getting each of them:

Battle Reward PoliwagPoliwag1+
Battle Reward MedititeMeditite1+
Battle Reward SphealSpheal1+
Battle Reward WingullWingull1+
Battle Reward SwabluSwablu1+
Battle Reward SkarmorySkarmory6+
Battle Reward FrillishFrillish6+
Battle Reward MienfooMienfoo6+
Battle Reward OnixOnix11+
Battle Reward LickitungLickitung11+
Battle Reward DratiniDratini11+
Battle Reward SwinubSwinub11+
Battle Reward MareanieMareanie11+
Battle Reward MiltankMiltank16+
Battle Reward Hisuian SneaselHisuian Sneasel16+
Battle Reward ScraggyScraggy16+
Battle Reward Legendary Raid Boss5-Star Raid Boss20+
Battle Reward AxewAxewAce Rank
Battle Reward NoibatNoibatVeteran Rank
Battle Reward GoomyGoomyExpert Rank

Find out how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO. This will help you evolve some of these rare Pokemon faster!

Guaranteed Rank-Up Reward Encounters

Sometimes, when you reach a certain rank in the GO Battle League, you are guaranteed an encounter with a particular Pokemon.

Reaching the top ranks in the GO Battle League during the Mythical Wishes season can give you encounters with rare Pokemon including Noibat, Goomy, and Pikachu Libre!

Metang Pokemon GOMetang1
Mareanie Pokemon GOMareanie1
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Noibat Pokemon GONoibatVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank
Battle Pikachu LibrePikachu LibreLegend Rank

The only way to obtain Pikachu Libre is by reaching Legend Rank in the GO Battle League! No wonder it is one of the top-10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO!

Avatar Clothes & Other Items

For ranking up in the GO Battle League, players can get some great clothing for their Avatar as well as Elite TMs to teach their Pokemon new attacks!

The exclusive clothing items you can get as rewards during the Mythical Wishes season are inspired by Steven Stone from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

GO Battle League Rank Reward
3Pikachu Libre Avatar Items
19 Elite Charged TM
19 Elite Fast TM (End of Season)
Ace Rank Steven Stone Rings
Veteran Rank Steven Stone Shoes
Expert Rank Steven Stone Top & Pants
Legend RankSteven Stone Pose
Pokemon GO Steven Stone Pose

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Finally, you’ll also want to know how to earn PokeCoins fast in Pokemon GO so you can buy more items for your Avatar!

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