These are all of the seasonal rewards you can get for competing in the Pokemon GO Battle League during the Season of Light!

A new season of Pokemon GO has just arrived and the Season of Light is bringing plenty of changes to the game. This includes a new season of content for the GO Battle League!

Starting at the beginning of September, the Season of Light has brought new rewards to the GO Battle League so you’ll want to rank up as high as you can before it’s over on December 1.

Here are all of the rewards you can get for ranking up in the GO Battle League this season!

But first, check out the Season of Light GO Battle League schedule to find out the dates of every league and cup!

Pokemon GO Battle League Season of Light Schedule - All League & Cup Dates

Standard Reward Pokemon Encounters

One of the rewards on the GO Battle League reward track is a Pokemon encounter. Which Pokemon you can encounter depends on what rank you are.

These are all of the GO Battle League Pokemon reward encounters for the Season of Light and what rank you’ll have to be to have a chance of getting them:

Battle Reward PoliwagPoliwag1+
Battle Reward LitwickLitwick1+
Battle Reward WingullWingull1+
Battle Reward MedititeMeditite1+
Battle Reward WoobatWoobat1+
Battle Reward MienfooMienfoo6+
Battle Reward SkarmorySkarmory6+
Battle Reward FrillishFrillish6+
Battle Reward OnixOnix11+
Battle Reward PhantumpPhantump11+
Battle Reward LickitungLickitung11+
Battle Reward RaltsRalts11+
Battle Reward HitmontopHitmontop11+
Battle Reward EspeonEspeon16+
Battle Reward UmbreonUmbreon16+
Battle Reward MiltankMiltank16+
Battle Reward Legendary Raid Boss5-Star Raid Boss20+
Battle Reward AxewAxewAce Rank
Battle Reward NoibatNoibatVeteran Rank
Battle Reward GoomyGoomyExpert Rank

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Guaranteed Pokemon Reward Encounters

When you reach different ranks in the GO Battle League in the Season of GO, you will be guaranteed an encounter with a certain Pokemon. This ranges from Pinsir at rank 1 to Pikachu Libre at Legend Rank!

Pokemon GO PinsirPinsir1
Mienfoo Pokemon GOMienfoo6
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Noibat Pokemon GONoibatVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank
Battle Pikachu LibrePikahcu LibreLegend Rank

Getting to Legend Rank is the only way to get Pikachu Libre. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this costumed ‘Mon is on our list of the top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Avatar Clothes & Other Items

For ranking up in the GO Battle League, you will also get Pikachu Libre and Guzma-themed clothes for your Avatar and Elite TMs.

GO Battle League Rank Reward
3Pikachu Libre Avatar Items
19 Elite Charged TM
19 Elite Fast TM (End of Season)
Ace Rank Guzma Watch and Bracelet
Veteran Rank Guzma Pants
Expert Rank Guzma Glasses
Legend RankGuzma Shirt and Pose
Pokemon GO Guzma Clothes

Find out how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO if you want more of these powerful items.

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