Fortune’s Keep is back in the Season 2 update of Warzone, but the new version of the map includes updated POIs and a couple of new locations!

The mid-sized Fortune’s Keep map was a fan-favorite when it released in the Summer of 2022, but it was removed just a couple of months later with the Warzone 2.0 update. Fortunately, it is back and better than ever in February 2024.

While the map is mostly the same, there are a number of significant changes to the familiar island.

All Fortune’s Keep POIs

The 2024 version of the Warzone Fortune’s Keep map has the following POIs:

  • Keep
  • Terraces
  • Graveyard
  • Town
  • Overlook
  • Konni Outpost
  • Pier
  • Lighthouse
  • Winery
  • Gatehouse
  • Ground Zero

While some of these locations are the same as the original Fortune’s Keep, the map has plenty of updates and new POIs to help it feel fresh.

Below, we’ve got information on each of these POIs so you can familiarize yourself with the map!

Warzone Fortune's Keep POIs Map


The Keep remains largely the same for the 2024 version of Fortune’s Keep. However, the main addition is a pier behind the main structure, where you’ll find some aquatic vehicles.

Warzone Fortune's Keep POI - Keep


The Terraces POI is another with a few subtle changes. The battlements have been damaged, preventing campers from sitting on the roof as easily, and there is another pier for more boats.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Terraces POI


The updated version of the graveyard is largely similar to the original version of Fortune’s Keep but has some additional tunnels leading towards the center of the map – Ground Zero.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Graveyard POI


The lower part of the Town POI is almost identical to the classic Fortune’s Keep, but it has a helipad on top of the police station next to the coast.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Town (Lower) POI

Meanwhile, the upper part of Town has a huge crack in the earth caused by a seismic event. This encourages more vertical combat and also provides additional paths to move along.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Town (Upper) POI


Overlook’s military camp has been replaced by a new restaurant, providing more cover and looting opportunities for players vising the highest point of Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Overlook POI

Konni Outpost

The Bay POI from the original Fortune’s Keep map has had a complete overhaul and is now the Konni Outpost. Now, there are plenty of buildings here, alongside a storage cave.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Konni Outpost POI


The Pier POI is located in the southeast part of Fortune’s Keep, where a small military camp used to be. In addition to a pier leading out into the sea, this POI has a gas station, a convenience store, and a tasting room for the nearby Winery.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Pier POI


The Lighthouse still stands tall in the 2024 version of Fortune’s Keep, but it has certainly seen better days.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Lighthouse POI


The Winery has suffered severe damage from a seismic event in the updated version of Fortune’s Keep. There’s a huge crack in the courtyard, the wine cellar is now flooded, and the tower on the chapel has been destroyed.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Winery POI


The Gatehouse has almost been totally destroyed in the new version of Fortune’s Keep. All of the Keep’s ramparts, turrets, and the entrance itself are severely damaged and crumbling.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Gatehouse POI

Ground Zero

The center of Fortune’s Keep, which used to be home to the Grotto POI, is now Ground Zero. This is a massive crater in the island, full of collapsed buildings and roads.

At the bottom of Ground Zero is a vast, maze-like Konni facility that may house some exciting secrets!

Warzone Fortune's Keep Ground Zero POI

Hopefully, this brief tour of the POIs in Fortune’s Keep will help you get wins in the new Ranked Resurgence game mode in Warzone!

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