Those who purchase and play MW2 on PlayStation consoles have a range of benefits that help them in the latest Call of Duty.

PlayStation’s deal with Activision for exclusive content in Call of Duty games continues with Modern Warfare 2.

If you prefer to play on the PS4 or PS5, there’s a range of benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of as often as possible.

All PlayStation Exclusive Content in Modern Warfare 2

Playing MW2 on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 consoles offers these benefits:

  • Five additional Tier Skips with Battle Pass Bundles
  • Monthly Double XP events (lasting 24 hours)
  • Combat Pack: Free Operator Skin, Blueprint, Emblem, and more each MW2 Season
    • This is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers
  • Playing in a Party offers 25% extra Weapon XP
    • This works for cross-play too
  • Extra two Custom Loadout slots
All PlayStation Exclusive Benefits in MW2

Not only that, but those who pre-ordered on PlayStation get access to the exclusive Oni Operator in Modern Warfare 2.

Taking advantage of the extra Tier Skips means you’ll need to purchase the highest Battle Pass bundle. However, the Battle Pass is missing in MW2 currently.

To make use of those extra loadouts, you’ll need to find out how to unlock Custom Loadouts in the game first. You’ll also want to play with friends for the additional Weapon XP bonus.

Fortunately for those on other platforms, there are no exclusive game modes in Modern Warfare 2. Survival Mode, which was a Spec Ops mode in 2019’s Modern Warfare, was exclusive for a year to PS4 players.

Many of the exclusive features won’t affect other platforms. For example, you can get a range of Double XP tokens by redeeming Mountain Dew codes for MW2.

If you’re on other platforms though, you can also take advantage of our guide on how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 2.