A new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is here and it reveals all 3 story paths that trainers will be able to complete on their journeys.

With only a few weeks to go until Generation 9 arrives, Nintendo appears to be going all-out on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet marketing.

We recently got the official reveal of Grafaiai, the latest Pokemon coming to the Paldea region. And now, The Pokemon Company is back with an all-new trailer for the upcoming release.

There’s not much time left until the release date for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and today’s trailer has us more excited than ever before about getting stuck in and catching ’em all.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reveals 3 Story Paths

When they set out on their adventures in the Paldea region, trainers will be able to complete 3 separate paths: Path of Legends, Victory Road, and Starfall Street.

Victory Road

As usual, trainers will be able to conquer Victory Road in their journey to be the very best, like no-one ever was. But to reach Victory Road and the Pokemon League, they’ll need to conquer 8 gym battles and earn their badges.

Victory Road Pokemon Scarlet Violet

This time around, gym battles can be done in any order, as players are free to explore the Paldea region’s massive open world.

And it won’t only be battling in the Victory Road path, as gyms will also require players to complete special Gym Tests before allowing students to battle against their leaders.

In the new trailer, we got to see the Grass-Type gym and its leader Brassius, in action. But first, players need to round up Sunflora in the surrounding area.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Grass Gym

Of course, once your test is complete, prepare yourself for a fight, as gym leaders will take full advantage of Scarlet & Violet’s new Terastal mechanic!

But alongside this adventure, fans can also take part in two other brand-new story paths at any time!

Path of Legends

In the Path of Legends, trainers will be seeking out the legendary Herba Mystica! Alongside upperclassman Arven, students will be seeking out new Titan Pokemon.

Path of Legends Klawf

Hop on your new Legendary motorcycle Pokemon and go adventuring, in a journey that will pit you head-to-head against massive Titans such as Klawf.

Since Arven isn’t a great Pokemon battler, he’ll rely on you for assistance throughout his quest to find the Herba Mystica.

What Are Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Herba Mystica are extremely rare herbs, exclusive to the Paldea region, that will immediately restore health once eaten.

Klawf Titan Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Their exact effects are currently unclear, but one thing’s for certain, they’re guarded by Titan Pokemon, ones that are bigger and stronger than ordinary creatures.

Starfall Street

Finally, Starfall Street introduces a gang of rebellious students – Team Star. These rebels will be the ‘villain’ team of Gen 9, and even act as one of the game’s three paths!

Starfall Street Team Star

When raiding their bases, players will need to defeat enough Team Star grunts in a given time limit to get a shot at challenging the boss. Thankfully, this new auto battle mechanic will make this a breeze in Scarlet & Violet.

Since Team Star is split into squads, each will come with a different theme such as the Schedar Squad’s preference for flames.

Each Team Star squad comes with its own leader, and we already got a look at the fiery Mela, Boss of the Schedar Squad.

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The team’s leader rides (and even battles) aboard a flashy hot rod Starmobile that seems to have some sort of engine Pokemon powering it. What’s more, the Starmobile will even get in the way of your Pokemon battles when it comes to fighting the boss!

Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet Team Star

In case you missed it, we recently got a whopping 72 Pokemon leaked for Scarlet & Violet, ahead of any upcoming reveals.

Check out the full trailer on the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel below:

And if you’re still not sure about which game to get, here are all the differences between Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

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