The Indigo Disk DLC is finally here, and that means some brand-new Pokemon will be available to catch in Scarlet & Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s long-awaited second DLC has finally arrived, and one of the most interesting parts of this DLC is the new Pokemon.

While there aren’t loads of new ‘Mon added in The Indigo Disk, there are plenty of exciting ones. This includes a brand-new Legendary, as well as Paradox versions of classic Legendary Pokemon!

Every New Pokemon

The new Pokemon added to Scarlet & Violet with The Indigo Disk DLC are:

  • Archaludon
  • Hydrapple
  • Gouging Fire
  • Raging Bolt
  • Iron Boulder
  • Iron Crown
  • Terapagos
  • Pecharunt

Archaludon and Hydrapple are new evolutions for existing Pokemon, while Terapagos and Pecharunt are entirely new Pokemon.

Then, Gouging Fire, Raging Bolt, Iron Boulder, and Iron Crown are Paradox versions of classic Legendary Pokemon!

iron crown and raging bolt in Pokemon The Indigo Disk

The table below shows what each of the new Pokemon in The Indigo Disk look like, as well as what type they are.

PokemonTypeVersion Exclusive?
Hydrapple PokemonHydrappleGrass/DragonNo
Gouging Fire PokemonGouging FireFire/DragonYes – Scarlet
Raging Bolt PokemonRaging BoltElectric/DragonYes – Scarlet
Iron Boulder PokemonIron BoulderRock/PsychicYes – Violet
Iron Crown PokemonIron CrownSteel/PsychicYes – Violet
Terapagos PokemonTerapagosNormalNo
Pecharunt PokemonPecharuntPoison/GhostNo

While Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt are exclusive to Scarlet and Iron Boulder and Iron Crown are exclusive to Violet, you can trade them. This means that you will still be able to complete the Pokedex, no matter which version of the game you have.

Good luck catching all of the new Pokemon in The Indigo Disk!

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