A recent leak has revealed the details for all of MW2’s campaign, including information on locations, playable characters, and more.

We have around a month until Modern Warfare 2’s release date, but we’re excited to find out more about the game before it launches.

While MW2’s campaign is releasing early for some players, it seems that recent leaks in a datamine have given us some new information on the campaign.

All Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Missions Revealed in Leak

Here are all of the details that have been leaked ahead of the launch of the MW2 campaign:

Mission NameLocationCharacterSquad
InterceptSpainKyle “GAZ” GarrickTF-141
Gunship CompoundMexicoSM AviatorShadow 1-0 Alpha/TF-141/FER
WoundedMexicoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF-141
StolenAl MazrahUnnamed Shadow Co. SoldierShadow Company
ConvoyYemenKyle “GAZ” GarrickTF141/LF
Broad DaylightAmsterdamKyle “GAZ” GarrickTF-141
PartyMexicoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF141/FER
PrisonMexicoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF-141/FER
Ghost TeamMexicoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF141/FER
TowerChicagoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF-141
WetworkTBDKyle “GAZ” GarrickTF-141
StrikeUrzikstanSimon “Ghost” RileyTF-141
BackstabbedMexicoJohn “Soap” MacTavishTF141/FER
Dark WaterUS Atlantic CoastlineJohn “Soap” MacTavishShadow 1-0 Alpha/TF-141/FER
Night WarYemenJohn “Soap” MacTavishDemon Dogs

This list of missions comes from a recent leak on Twitter. We omitted the dates as it looks like some of them are wrong or placeholders.

MW2 Campaign

We suggest you take these with a pinch of salt, in case they aren’t true. However, since this leak comes from datamining, it could be real.

From the looks of the titles, it seems that Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will be pretty interesting. If you don’t want to miss out, find out how to play the MW2 campaign early.

If you enjoyed the Beta, find out whether your Modern Warfare 2 Beta progression carries over to the launch.

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