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All Modern Warfare 2 Editions & Benefits Revealed

Modern Warfare 2 has officially presented all the versions of the game available and their unique benefits!

Today is a fantastic day for Call of Duty fans! The game is now officially announced, and tons of details are out.

Activision has finally shared details about MW2’s gameplay and story. One of the primary reveals has been the different versions players can expect of this release.

Just as in previous releases of the franchise, Modern Warfare 2 offers different bundle versions for each individual platform.

These are all the Modern Warfare 2 editions and perks for each console and PC!

Modern Warfare 2 Cover Art

MW2 All Bundle Versions, Benefits, & More  

Recent leaks revealed details about the MW2 bundles available at launch. However, we finally have official confirmation and additional details about the contents of each bundle!

Modern Warfare 2 Cross-Gen Bundle & Standard Version

This edition is, in essence, the base version of MW2. For PC users on Steam or, the game offers the Standard Version of the game, which includes the following perks and retails for $69.99:

  • Modern Warfare 2 PC Version
  • Early Access to Open Beta

Console gamers get the Cross-Gen Bundle as their base version of the game. This bundle retails at $69.99 and includes the following benefits:

  • Modern Warfare 2 PlayStation or Xbox Version
  • Includes both old-gen and current-gen versions of the game (PS4/5 for PlayStation and Xbox One, Series X|S for Xbox)
  • Early Access to Open Beta

Also, a recent leak revealed how to get anticipated access to the upcoming beta!

Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition

This is the premium version of the game. Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition is available for PC, PS4/5, and PC gamers on Steam and for $99.99.

The MW2 Vault Edition version includes the following:

  • Cross-Gen Bundle Download (Standard Version for PC users)
  • Open Beta Early Access
  • Red Team 141 Operator Pack
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault
  • Season 1 Battle Pass and 50 Tier Skips
  • Ghost Legacy Pack
  • IGS Bonus (Not available on Steam and requires you to get the Vault Edition from the In-Game Store)

Red Team 141 Operation Pack Content

This Operation Pack consists of four Operators: Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap. Each of these Operators includes a special masked Ghost-inspired outfit.

Red Team 141 Modern Warfare 2

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FJX Cinder Weapon Vault

At this moment, there is not much information about the contents of this vault.

However, Activision promised more information about its content, and the new Gunsmith would be revealed closer to the Modern Warfare 2 launch date.

As well, one of the disclaimers of this pack indicated this design is limited to the Weapons Vault content available at launch.

Season 1 Battle Pass & Tier Skips

The Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition includes Season 1 Battle Pass and 50 Tier Skips for free. Also, if a gamer purchases this version after Season 1, the pass and skips would apply for the ongoing season.

As usual, the Battle Pass grants access to seasonal content like Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and other perks.

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Season 1 Battle Pass Modern Warfare 2

Ghost Legacy Pack

This pack includes a dozen skins and ten tactical weapon blueprints for 2019’s Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Preordering the Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition grants immediate access to the Ghost Legacy Pack in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

This pack includes the following Operator Skins for the Ghost Operator:

  • Jawbone
  • Last Breath
  • Mandible
  • Ghosted
  • Reckoner
  • Dark Vision
  • Classic Ghost
  • Winter Theatre
  • Dreadwood
  • UDT Ghost
  • Apparition
  • Azrael

Additionally, the Ghost Legacy Pack also includes the following Rifle Weapon Blueprints:

  • Oscar Mike
  • K2
  • The Wages of Sin
  • Primis
  • Stem the Tide
  • White Noise
  • Kingly Splendor
  • Jumping Spider
  • Florin
  • The Breakup

Activision also mentioned more details about an incoming Ghost-themed instant unlock for Warzone would be available soon.

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Ghost Legacy Pack Modern Warfare 2

In-Game Store Bonus

Getting the Vault Edition of MW2 via the Warzone, Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War, or Modern Warfare In-Game Store grants the following perks:

  • 10 Hours Double XP Token
  • 10 Hours Double Weapon XP Token

These perks will be available on the launch date. These tokens can also be used with Warzone 2.0 once it launches later this year.

Physical Edition for Consoles

Both Xbox and PlayStation are getting physical editions of Modern Warfare 2. You can find the physical version of the game in these configurations:

  • Cross-Gen Bundle for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
  • Cross-Gen Version for PS4 (does not include PS5 version of the game)
  • Next-Gen Version for PS5 (does not include the PS4 version of the game)

All of these versions retail for $69.99 MSRP. Additionally, select retailers will offer Modern Warfare II physical copies marked with the Call of Duty Endowment bundle.

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Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition Content

These are all the versions available for Modern Warfare 2 at launch!

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