The world’s greatest hero All Might could be coming to Fortnite as part of the My Hero Academia collab, according to massive advertisements shown in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The My Hero Academia x Fortnite collaboration is only a few days out, and we’re getting a new look at what’s to come in the latest anime crossover.

Fortnite is truly embracing the anime fandoms as of late, being host to a major Dragon Ball Super event, as well as two Item Shop collaborations with Naruto.

Now, My Hero Academia made its debut in the Chapter 4 Season 1 trailer, and it’ll be dropping in-game towards the end of the week.

All Might in My Hero Academia

Is All Might Coming to Fortnite?

It appears that All Might from My Hero Academia will be appearing in the Item Shop alongside Deku on November 16.

Although Epic Games has not yet directly confirmed that All Might is coming to Fortnite, a new advertisement certainly implies that the world’s greatest hero will be arriving in the Battle Royale.

In adverts spotted around Japan, and broadcast heavily in Shibuya, All Might himself is promoting the upcoming Fortnite collaboration.

The hero does not make an appearance, but his iconic voice dominates the advert which is displaying around Tokyo right now. After laughing triumphantly, the hero declares:

“Fear Not, I Am Here!”

Here’s a close-up of the new My Hero Academia x Fortnite advertisement, as it appears on the Tokyo metro:

As soon as Epic Games officially confirms All Might will be part of the crossover, we’ll update this article. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about the My Hero Academia x Fortnite collab so far!

Who Is All Might?

Toshinori Tagi AKA All Might is the number one hero at the start of the My Hero Academia story. He is an incredibly powerful hero who holds the secret Quirk ‘One For All’.

All Might is known for his unmatched strength and the ability to save people with a smile. He is also an extremely enthusiastic figure in both his hero activities and his teaching role at U.A. High.

Fortnite All Might

Unbeknownst to the public however, All Might is critically injured and is now mentoring Izuku Midoriya to help him master One For All and replace him as the Symbol of Peace.

Seeing as Fortnite will receive a new update tomorrow, December 13, we imagine it’s only a matter of time before the My Hero Academia skins leak to the public.

Meanwhile, it seems that Die Hard will also be coming to Fortnite this Christmas, and it’s not the only new collaboration! Check out all the details for all of Fortnite’s upcoming skins below:

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