If you’re looking for a patch-up or some healing items, here’s where to find all Mending Machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 4.

There are a lot fewer Mending Machines on the map in Fortnite Chapter 4, but it’s important to know where to find them. And whether you’re looking for some health or to spend some Gold Bars and complete a mission, here’s everything you need to know:

Where to Find Mending Machines in Fortnite Chapter 4

Currently, the Fortnite Chapter 4 island has 3 Mending Machines on the map in the following locations:

  • Behind the Gas Station in the grassy patch of the island surrounded by ice to the north
  • Beside the Gas Station just north of Faulty Splits
  • Outside the Gas Station next to the bridge leading north out of Frenzy Fields
All Mending Machine Locations Fortnite Chapter 4

If more Mending Machines arrive later in the Chapter, we’ll update our map accordingly.

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What Is a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

A Mending Machine is a vending machine that sells healing items in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players can choose from a selection of available items to recover health and shield, or even get the machine to restore them to full health.

However, you’ll need to spend a few Gold Bars in exchange for the Mending Machine’s services.

Mending machine in Fortnite Chapter 4

All Mending Machine Items & Prices

  • Bandage – 10 Gold Bars
  • Medkit – 50 Gold Bars
  • Patch Up – 100 Gold Bars
  • Small Shield Potion – 30 Gold Bars
  • Shield Potion – 120 Gold Bars

How to Use a Mending Machine in Fortnite

  • Walk up to the Mending Machine and press Square / X / E
  • Use the Right Analog Stick or Mouse to indicate what item you want to buy
  • Press X / A / Left Click to confirm your purchase

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