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All Map Changes in Battlefield 2042 Upcoming Update

Battlefield 2042 is trying to turn the tide again with some upcoming map changes after its Core Feedback session.

After months since its launch, Battlefield 2042 is still trying to correct problems and add content its fans requested from day one.

Recently, DICE and EA added the scoreboard feature. This feature is one of the additions fans have requested the most since the game launched.

Since the early days, the developer has promised to hear fans and be receptive to feedback. Unfortunately, changes have not been as speedy as many gamers want.

This myriad of issues has led to a shrinking fanbase that continues to dwindle in numbers to this date. Nevertheless, DICE and EA are still trying to make it right for Battlefield 2042 fans.

In its most recent attempt to sort this situation, the developer officialized the map updates coming to the Battlefield 2042 maps.

Sector B1 Kaleidoscope Map

Battlefield 2042 Official Map Changes

As part of its Core Feedback program, Battlefield 2042 is making map changes for Season One based on the comments and requests of its fanbase.

According to EA, the changes for vehicles and availability will roll out in the upcoming update. There is still no set date for this update. Sadly, other core map changes will not roll out until later in Season One.

Back in March, DICE shared some ideas on what these changes could be. Now, this feedback resulted in official changes coming to the Kaleidoscope and Renewal map.

Detailed Battlefield 2042 Map Changes – Kaleidoscope and Renewal

These are all the official changes coming to Kaleidoscope and Renewal on Season One:

  • Traversal:
    • Base Spawn and Flags are now close to reducing travel time.
    • Vehicle distribution changes across selection pools to shift focus away from foot traversal
    • M5C Bolte two-seater part of Armored Vehicle pool
    • MAV is now in the Transport Vehicle category
    • MD540 Nightbird is now on the Attack Helicopter pool
  • Cover and Line of Sight:
    • Elevation of terrain and added Cover via obstacles to ensure there is enough cover between Flags and Objectives
    • Immersion changes. The gazebo in B1 in Kaleidoscope is now a military installment. Other aesthetic changes such as mud and barb wires have been added for immersion.
  • Intensity:
    • Reduced attack vehicles and helicopters from 3 to 2 per category in 128 player mode
    • Increased cooldown for attack vehicles and helicopters (60 to 120 seconds)
  • Paths:
    • Lined up cover to create a clear path between objectives
    • Removal of underutilized map areas (E1 on Renewal)

Aside from this, EA communicated another Core Feedback session would take place in a couple of weeks.

Kaleidoscope Map Changes Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 has struggled since its launch. Back in February, the game hit an all-time low, dipping below 2000 concurrent players on Steam.

Gamers have collectible demanded refunds, even creating online refund petitions reaching 150,000 signatures.

The developer currently promotes open communication with Battlefield fans, but time will tell if this is enough to entice fans to play the game again.

Source: EA

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Friday 8th of April 2022

I want my 90 bucks back, full stop.

k b

Thursday 7th of April 2022

I think theyre going to skeleton crew "fix" this game and if the 1st attempt fails Ea will bail on it. And ya know they'll fail from what they managed to do so far, it's like they were so worried about a cash grab that they forgot they had 20 years of BF to help them and evolve from.