Lynels are some of the most powerful enemies that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer.

A cross between a lion and a centaur, these menacing monsters have both the speed of a horse and the ability to remove all your hearts in 1-2 strikes.

However, the rewards for beating Lynels are well worth your time. Not only do the creatures drop rare loot such as Large Crystallized Charges and multi-shot bows, but their monster parts are some of the best fusion materials in Tears of the Kingdom!

Where to Find All Lynel Locations in Zelda: TOTK

There are a total of 15 Lynel spawns to find across Hyrule’s overworld in Tears of the Kingdom (4 Red, 5 Blue, and 6 White-Maned Lynel).

However, while the diagram below shows a Lynel’s initial color scheme, reports indicate that it will change from Red to Blue to White to Silver after repeated defeats, increasing in difficulty as it does!

Here’s where each monster can be found:

All Lynel Spawns in Zelda TOTK Locations

Now, read on for an in-depth breakdown of each Lynel location and where to find them in Tears of the Kingdom.

1 – Red Lynel

  • Location: North Akkala Valley
  • Coordinates: (3696, 2942, 0029)
Red Lynel location Zelda TOTK

2- Red Lynel

  • Location: West Hyrule Plains
  • Coordinates: (-1554, 0154, 0109)
West Hyrule Plains Red Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

3 – Red Lynel

  • Location: Northwest of Illumeni Plateau
  • Coordinates: (-3351, -0004, 0093)
Illumeni Plateau Red Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

4 – Red Lynel

  • Location: Upland Lindor
  • Coordinates: (-2161, 1543, 0217)
Hebra Plunge White-Maned Lynel Zelda TOTK

5- Blue-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Lanayru Heights
  • Coordinates: (2663, -0950, 0223)
Lanayru Heights Blue Lynel Zelda TOTK

6 – Blue-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Lanayru Wetlands
  • Coordinates: (2031, -0283, 0009)
Lanayru Wetlands Blue Lynel Zelda TOTK

7 – Blue-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Hebra West Summit
  • Coordinates: (-4528, 2662, 0228)
Hebra West Summit Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

8 – Blue-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Harfin Valley
  • Coordinates: (0102, -3395, 0006)
Blue-Maned Lynel Harfin Valley Zelda TOTK

9 – Blue-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Stalry Plateau
  • Coordinates: (-1469, -2703, 0143)
Stalry Plateau Zelda TOTK Lynel Spawn

10 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Ukuku Plains
  • Coordinates: (3901, 0980, 0249)
Ukuku Plains Lynel location Zelda TOTK

11 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Rabia Plain
  • Coordinates: (2500, -0548, 0113)
Rabia Plain Lynel Location Tears of the Kingdom

12 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: South of Hebra Plunge
  • Coordinates: (-2812, 1829, 0307)
Upland Lindor Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

13 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Nautelle Wetlands
  • Coordinates: (-0553, -3851, 0050)
Nautelle Wetlands Lynel Zelda TOTK

14 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Kamah Plateau
  • Coordinates: (1481, -3061, 0204)
Kamah Plateau Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

15 – White-Maned Lynel

  • Location: Risoka Snowfield
  • Coordinates: (-4435, -1022, 0509)
Risoka Snowfield Lynel Location Zelda TOTK

Types of Lynel Explained

There are 4 types of Lynel that players can encounter in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These are:

  • Red Lynel (Standard)
  • Blue-Maned Lynel
  • White-Maned Lynel
  • Silver Lynel

In addition, some Lynel will also be armored when encountered in The Depths. These enemies must first have their armor shattered with a heavy or Rock-fused weapon before Link can deal damage to them.

Red-Maned Lynel

Lynel with a red mane are the standard versions of the monster. They shouldn’t be taken lightly, but they don’t hit nearly as hard as their alternate color variants.

They also have the lowest health of all Lynels, making them easier to defeat.

Red-Maned Lynel Zelda TOTK

Blue-Maned Lynel

Blue-Maned Lynel hit harder and have slightly more reach and HP than the red versions. The Blue-Mane has access to both a ground pound and a spin attack, countering attackers who are getting too close.

Blue-Maned Lynel Zelda TOTK

White-Maned Lynel

The White-Maned Lynel is the toughest Lynel opponent you’ll find above ground. This foe can deal devastating damage with a single hit, meaning that you’ll want to nail down your parry timings.

White-Maned Lynel Zelda TOTK

Silver Lynel

Finally, Silver Lynels are enemies found in certain areas of The Depths (and eventually on the surface to replace a defeated a White Lynel!).

These brutal opponents wield a devastating sword horn capable of one-shotting most players and will use large weapons and less predictable attacks.

Headshot Lynel Zelda TOTK

Of course, if you defeat the Lynel and fuse that horn to your own blade, you’ll have one of the strongest weapons in TOTK by your side!

How to Beat Lynel in Zelda: TOTK – Tips & Tricks

Stunning & Mounting

The easiest way to beat Lynel is Zelda TOTK is by shooting them with an arrow in the face to stun them. This will allow Link to get close and press A to mount the Lynel, giving him the opportunity to strike multiple times for heavy damage.

We recommend summoning the Sage of Wind, Tulin, if you’ve unlocked him. Not only will this give the Lynel another enemy to target, taking the pressure off you, but Tulin can also headshot the Lynel for a free stun!

Fusing Keese Eyeballs to your arrows will also cause them to home in, leading to an easy headshot.

Mounting a Lynel Zelda TOTK

Use Your Glider

When in a grassy area, Link can also use fire to light the field aflame (or wait until the Lynel uses a fireball attack) and then use the flaming updraft to fly into the air with his glider.

Landing on a Lynel will cause Link to instantly mount the monster, which can also be used as a way to begin the fight with a surprise attack!

Lynel Glider Zelda TOTK

Puffshroom Spam

The easiest way to defeat a Lynel is by using Puffshrooms. These strange fungi are found everywhere in The Depths and will create a smokescreen when thrown.

If a Lynel can’t see Link, it isn’t able to attack him either. Simply blind your enemy and then hammer it with your strongest weapons until it drops!

Lynel Puffshroom Zelda TOTK

Parrying is Key

Almost every attack that a Lynel can throw at you, including all its charge attacks, can be parried!

Once you learn the parry timing, the Lynel will be stunned temporarily – which is just enough time for you to land a headshot with your bow.

On top of that, many of the Lynel attacks can also be avoided by side-hops, which open the creature up to a Flurry Rush attack.

Lynel Parry Zelda TOTK

Best Place to Farm Lynels in Zelda: TOTK

Despite there being numerous Lynel spawns across Hyrule’s overworld, the best place to farm the magnificent monster for parts is actually in the Floating Coliseum (-1148, -1307, -0447), an arena in The Depths.

Zelda TOTK Floating Coliseum

There, players will have to fight the following enemies one after another:

  • Red Lynel
  • Blue-Maned Lynel
  • White-Maned Lynel
  • Silver Lynel
  • Armored Silver Lynel

Once all enemies are dispatched, the Floating Coliseum’s chest will unlock and allow Link to claim the Majora’s Mask!

You’ll be able to fight the Coliseum’s challenge again after every Blood Moon, making it a great source of Lynel materials.

Where to Find Majora's Mask Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

It’s worth noting that there are also a number of Lynel spawns throughout The Depths itself. However, since the area is far more tricky to navigate, we’d stick to the Coliseum and our list of overworld spawns if you’re looking to farm the creatures.

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