Getting all the version exclusives from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC requires trading or owning both titles.

The easiest method to trade and look exactly for the mon’ you are missing for your Pokedex is via trading codes. As well, codes can help with those Pokemon who only evolve via trading.

These codes are made by the community and serve as a great way to save time while trading. Here, we will list the codes for all the version exclusives and trade evolutions in the Indigo Disk DLC!

We have also updated The Teal Mask version exclusives, trade evolutions, and base game trade codes with the new National Dex nomenclature.

All Indigo Disk Version Exclusives & Evolution Trade Codes

There are a total of eight version-exclusive Pokemon and six evolution trades in Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC, and these are the individual trade codes for each.

Thanks so much to Austin John Plays for creating and sharing these codes with the community!

Version Exclusives

Pokemon TradeTrade Code
Alolan Vulpix for Alolan Sandshrew0027-0037
Alolan Sandshrew for Alolan Vulpix0027-0037
Cranidos for Shieldon0408-0410
Shieldon for Cranidos0408-0410
Gouging Fire* for Iron Boulder*1020-1022
Iron Boulder* for Gouging Fire*1020-1022
Raging Bolt* for Iron Crown*1021-1023
Iron Crown* for Raging Bolt*1021-1023
*Note: All Pokemon marked with an asterisk are unique static encounters, so people will be less inclined to trade them. The best way to trade them for Pokedex registration is with friends instead of using codes. Also, it is good practice to immediately trade these Pokemon back, but be prepared in case someone doesn’t do this.

Evolution Trades

Pokemon TradeRequired Held ItemTrade Code
Alolan Graveler Evolution Trade*None0075-0075
Rhydon Evolution TradeProtector0112-0112
Seadra Evolution TradeDragon Scale0117-0117
Electabuz Evolution TradeElectarizer0125-0125
Porygon Evolution TradeUpgrade0137-0137
Porygon2 Evolution TradeDubious Disk0233-0233
*Evolution Trade: Both trainers trade the same Pokemon with the appropriate held item (if required) so each can receive a Pokemon that will evolve once the trade is complete.
Indigo Disk Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

All Starter Pokemon Trade Codes

You can catch all previous starter Pokemon in the Indigo Disk Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. However, this requires a considerable amount of BP and time. Trading is a great option to achieve this faster!

Here are all the trade codes for this mon’ roster:

Pokemon TradeTrade Code
Bulbasaur for Charmander (or vice-versa)0001-0004
Bulbasaur for Squirtle (or vice-versa)0001-0009
Charmander for Squirtle (or vice-versa)0004-0009
Chikorita for Cyndaquil (or vice-versa)0152-0155
Chikorita for Totodile (or vice-versa)0152-0158
Cyndaquil for Totodile (or vice-versa)0155-0158
Treecko for Torchic (or vice-versa)0252-0255
Treecko for Mudkip (or vice-versa)0252-0258
Torchic for Mudkip (or vice-versa)0255-0258
Turtwig for Chimchar (or vice-versa)0387-0390
Turtwig for Piplup (or vice-versa)0387-0393
Chimchar for Piplup (or vice-versa)0390-0393
Snivy for Tepig (or vice-versa)0495-0498
Snivy for Oshawott (or vice-versa)0495-0501
Tepig for Oshawott (or vice-versa)0498-0501
Chespin for Fennekin (or vice-versa)0650-0653
Chespin for Froakie (or vice-versa)0650-0656
Fennekin for Froakie (or vice-versa)0653-0656
Rowlet for Litten (or vice-versa)0722-0725
Rowlet for Popplio (or vice-versa)0722-0728
Litten for Popplio (or vice-versa)0725-0728
Grookey for Scorbunny (or vice-versa)0810-0813
Grookey for Sobble (or vice-versa)0810-0816
Scorbunny for Sobble (or vice-versa)0813-0816
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon in Indigo Disk DLC

Updated Base Game Trade Codes

Since National Dex numbers are available now, the base game trade codes have also been updated to reflect this change.

Here are all the updated codes for starters and version exclusives:


Pokemon TradeTrade Code
Sprigatito for Fuecoco (or vice-versa)0906-0909
Sprigatito for Quaxly (or vice-versa)0906-0912
Fuecoco for Quaxly (or vice-versa)0909-0912

Version Exclusives

Pokemon TradeTrade Codes
Larvitar for Bagon (or vice-versa)0246-0371
Drifloon for Misdreavus (or vice-versa)0425-0200
Stunky for Gulpin (or vice-versa)0434-0316
Deino for Dreepy (or vice-versa)0633-0885
Clauncher for Skrelp (or vice-versa)0692-0690
Oranguru for Passimian (or vice-versa)0765-0766
Stonjourner for Eiscue (or vice-versa)0874-0875
Armarouge for Ceruledge (or vice-versa)0936-0937
Great Tusk for Iron Treads (or vice-versa)0984-0990
Scream Tail for Iron Bundle (or vice-versa)0985-0991
Brute Bonnet for Iron Hands (or vice-versa)0986-0992
Flutter Mane for Iron Jugulis (or vice-versa)0987-0993
Slither Wing for Iron Moth (or vice-versa)0988-0994
Sandy Shocks for Iron Thorns (or vice-versa)0989-0995
Roaring Moon for Iron Valiant (or vice-versa)1005-1006
Koraidon for Miraidon (or vice-versa)1007-1008
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

Teal Mask Updated Trade Codes

These are the updated codes based on the National Dex for the Teal Mask Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC exclusives and trade evolutions.

Version Exclusives

Pokemon TradeTrade Code
Gligar for Aipom (or vice-versa)0207-0190
Cramorant for Morpeko (or vice-versa)0845-0877

Evolution Trades

Pokemon TradeRequired Held ItemTrade Code
Graveler Evolution Trade* (not Alolan)None0075-0075
Poliwhirl Evolution TradeKing’s Rock0061-0061
Haunter Evolution TradeNone0093-0093
Feebas Evolution TradePrism Scale0349-0349
Dusclops Evolution TradeReaper Cloth0356-0356
Gurdurr Evolution TradeNone0533-0533
Phantump Evolution TradeNone0708-0708
*Evolution Trade: Both trainers trade the same Pokemon with the appropriate held item (if required) so each can receive a Pokemon that will evolve once the trade is complete.
Gligar Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask

How to Use Trade Codes

  1. Identify the trade code you want to use from the table in the section above.
  2. Once you have determined the correct Indigo Disk, Teal Mask, or base game trade code, press X to open the menu.
  3. Select Poke Portal.
    • Keep in mind that this operation requires an internet connection. You can see at the bottom of the screen if you are connected or not. If you aren’t pressing the “L” button will solve this.
    • Additionally, you will need an active Nintendo Online membership to trade Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.
Poke Portal Link Trade Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  1. In the Poke Portal menu, select Link Trade.
  2. Select Set Link Code and enter the 8-digit trade code you have prepared.
  3. Finally, select Begin Searching and wait until the system pairs you with another trainer looking for that same trade.
  4. As soon as trading begins, make sure you offer the right Pokemon according to your selected trade code.
    • For example, as shown in the image below, if you entered 0027-0037 as your code, you should offer either Alolan Vulpix or Alolan Sandshrew.
  5. Before accepting the trade, double-check that you are getting the correct Pokemon. Also, if this is an evolution trade, make sure the Pokemon you are about to receive holds the right item for it to evolve.
Start a Link Trade Set Link Code Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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