The Notorious Mark hunts in FF16 will present players with some of the most difficult encounters they will face as Clive.

Each Notorious Mark is a unique hunt with a powerful foe that players need to slay to earn rare materials and obtain large amounts of XP.

But the Hunting Board only gives you the subject of the hunt, not the location. Thankfully, we’re here to help you find all the FF16 hunt locations in Valisthea.

All FF16 Hunt Locations – Every Notorious Mark

Notorious MarkRankLocationClosest ObeliskDrops
Aruna, Angel of DeathCClaireview, SanbrequeNorthreach ObeliskClouded Eye x1
BelphegorBThe Broken Hilt, RosariaEastpool ObeliskDragon Talon x2
Dozmare, GriffinBCaer Norvent West Gate, SanbrequeCaer Norvent River Gate ObeliskMeteorite x1
Scarletite x1
SekhretBWest of Rhiannon’s Ride, RosariaEastpool, ObeliskMinotaur Mane x1
SeverianBNorth of Sorrowise, RosariaMartha’s Rest ObeliskElectrum x1
Flan Prince, Muddy MurderAHawk’s Cry Cliff, RosariaHawk’s Cry Cliff ObeliskGelatinous Mass x1
Fastitocalon, A Hill to Die OnBThe Velkroy Desert, DhalmekiaThe Velkroy Desert ObeliskScarletite x2
Soul StingersCEmpty Hovel, DhalmekiaDravozd ObeliskMagicked Ash x10
Sharp Fang x50
Bloody Hide x20
GrimalkinCThe Cattery, DhalmekiaThe Jaw ObeliskGrimalkin Hide x1
The Nine of KnivesAThe Jaw, DhalmekiaThe Jaw ObeliskWyrite x25
Meteorite x2
Atlas, Break of WorldsSCressidia, RosariaMartha’s Rest ObeliskFallen Iron x1
Orichalcum x1
Bomb KingBThe Crock, SanbrequeThe Dragon’s Aery ObeliskBomb Ether x1
The Ten of ClubsBVasmare DhalmekiaKretov ObeliskMeteorite x1
Scarletite x1
The Mageth BrothersAQuietsands, RosariaPort Isolde ObeliskMeteorite x2
Svarog, Ruin ReawakenedSMornebrume, SanbrequeCaer Norvent Glorieuse Gate ObeliskEmpty Shard x1
Orichalcum x1
Amber x1
Fallen Enigma x1
The PackCSouth of Tabor, DhalmekiaTabor ObeliskMagicked Ash x10
Sharp Fang x20
Bloody Hide x50
Dread CometAThe Sickle, DhalmekiaThe Jaw ObeliskComet Feather x1
Holy Trumpitour, The Man in BlackBLostwing, SanbrequeLostwing ObeliskMeteorite x1
Scarletite x1
CarrotBThe Whispering Waters, RosariaThree Reeds ObeliskMorbol Trendril x1
Morbol Flower x1
PandemoniumSWolfdarr, WaloedThe Shadow Coast ObeliskStained Loincloth x1
GorgimeraSThe Velkroy Desert, DhalemekiaThe Velkroy Desert ObeliskOrichalcum x1
GobermouchAEistla, WaloedEistla ObeliskPrimitive Battlehorn x1
BygulAKritten Hollow, WaloedRavenwit Walls ObeliskMeteorite x1
Coeurl Whisker x1
AgniAHalfcombe, WaloedEistla ObeliskStone Tongue x1
ThanatosATitan’s Wake, DhalmekiaKretov ObeliskDarksteel x1
TerminusAThe Crock, SanbrequeThe Dragon’s Aery ObeliskMeteirute x2
Behemoth KingSVidargraes, WaloedVidargraes ObeliskOrichalcum x1
Kuza BeastABalmung Dark, WaloedRaventwit Walls ObeliskMeteorite x2
GizamalukAGarnick, WaloedVidargraes ObeliskMasgicked Ash x10
Sharp Fang x20
Clouded Eye x1
Prince of DeathACape Orsiere, SanbrequeNorthreach ObeliskDarksteel x1
Knight of the Splendent HeartAThe Penitent’s Gate, SanbrequeRoyal Meadows ObeliskMeteorite x2

Aruna Hunt Location + Map

Aruna Hunt Location

Aruna’s hunt location is in the grassy Claireview plains in Sanbreque, south of the Northreah Obelisk. Once you reach the Obelisk, go south through the center of the grassy fields. Players will find the harpy flying in wide-open terrain.

You won’t find Aruna until you’ve received the Angel of Death Hunting Board request from Nektar the Moogle.

Belphegor Hunt Location + Map

Belphegor Hunt Location

To reach Belphegor, fast travel to the Eastpool Obelisk and head south into the wheat fields. From here, head left toward the homes in the fields, and you’ll see a path that leads to a small hill.

Head down the path, and you’ll see Belphegor on a small cliff that overlooks the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

Belphegor is one of the first dragon aevis you fight in an FF16 hunt, but thankfully its lack of AoE attacks makes it easy to handle with the right strategy.

Dozmare Griffin Hunt Location + Map

Dozmare Griffin Hunt Location FF16

The Dozmare Griffin overlooks the plains of the Norvent Valley, south of the Caer Norvent River Gate. Fast travel to the obelisk and immediately head south toward the clearing next to the castle wall. Dozmare will appear as soon as you make your way near the wall.

The Dozmare Griffin is a necessary fight for players to partake in if they want to earn a new blueprint to use at the blacksmith.

Sekhret Hunt Location + Map

Sekhret Hunt Location

To find Sekhret, fast travel to Martha’s Rest in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria and head north toward the swampy area of Greensheaves. Keep to the left path, and you’ll find Sekhret’s location among marshy plains.

Despite being slow, Sekhret can still hit like a truck. Players will need to stay on their toes and use Precision Dodge to move out of the way of its powerful attacks.

Severian Hunt Location + Map

Severian Hunt Location

To find the Severian hunt location in FF16, players must fast travel to Martha’s Rest in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. After you arrive, head northwest toward Sorrowise. Follow this path, and you’ll encounter Severian standing on the marshy land.

Severian is an echo that emerges from the Fallen remains and uses its energy beam blades to cover large distances of land.

Flan Prince Hunt Location + Map

Flan Prince Hunt Location

The Flan Prince is found north of the Hawk’s Cry Cliff fast travel obelisk in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. After fast traveling, players will need to make their way north until they reach a large clearing just before the path begins to thin out.

As players approach the clearing, the Flan Prince suddenly appears from underneath the ground.

Players must first obtain the Muddy Murder Hunting Board request before they can set out to defeat the Flan Prince themselves.

Fastitocalon Hunt Location + Map

Fastotpcalon Hunt Location

Players will find the Fastitocalon in the northeastern area of the Velkroy Desert in The Dhalmekin Republic. To do this, head to The Velkroy Desert Obelisk and head east until you see a large clearing of the desert to the north. Here you will face the Fastitocalon hunt in FF16.

The Fastitocalon is a formidable opponent that can rebound Clive’s sword due to its hard external shell. Thankfully, you won’t need to fight him alone.

Use our guide and strategy against the Fastitocalon to easily complete this Hunting Board request.

Soul Stingers Hunt Location + Map

Soul Stingers Hunt Location

After you receive the Soul Stingers hunt from Nektar in the Hideaway, you’ll want to make your way to the eastern side of The Fields of Corava in the Dhalmekian Republic to find their location. You’ll find this swarm near some ruined houses and a large tree in the desert.

You’ll need to take out the Soul Stingers one at a time to quickly reduce their numbers and minimize the damage they can do as a group.

Grimalkin Hunt Location + Map

Grimalkin Hunt Location

The Grimalkin Hunt location in FF16 is in The Cattery of the Dhalmekian Republic. Players must fast travel to The Jaw Obelisk and head through the eastern path called The Sickle until they see a path going south.

Follow this path, leading you to some ruins and a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves, and Grimalkin will appear as their leader.

The Nine of Knives Hunt Location + Map

The Nine of Knives Hunt Location

To find the Nine of Knives hunt in FF16, travel to The Jaw Obelisk, and head north toward The Sickle in the Dhalmekian Republic. Players will see the Nine of Knives waiting in the middle of the road.

Atlas Hunt Location + Map

Atlas Hunt Location

The Breaker of Worlds, known as Atlas, appears in Cressida, toward the end of town, where players will find a large clearing perfect for a huge battle. To reach Cressida, fast travel to the Eastpool Obelisk and head east.

Atlas is the first S-Rank hunt players will face in Final Fantasy XVI, so make sure to bring enough potions for this challenging battle.

Bomb King Hunt Location + Map

Bomb King Hunt Location

The elusive Bomb King is found in The Crock region of Sanbreque, just south of the Dragon’s Avery fast travel obelisk. After fast traveling, make your way south until you find a path into the Imperial Chase.

Follow this path and take a left when you see an opening. Here you will find the Bomb King resting in the center of some Fallen ruins.

The Bomb King is one of the materials you will need to craft Excalibur, one of the most powerful swords in FF16.

The Ten of Clubs Hunt Location + Map

The Ten of Clubs Hunt Location

The Ten of Clubs have made the ruined town of Vamare into their stronghold. Players can find them by using the Krestov Obelisk in the Dhalmekian Republic, traveling to The Fields of Corava, and heading southeast.

The Mageth Brothers Hunt Location + Map

The Mageth Brothers Hunt Location

The Mageth Brothers’ hunt is found in the Quietsands near the coast of Rosaria, just north of the Port Isolde Obelisk. Once you fast travel to the obelisk, just head north and take a left in the opening toward the coast to find this band of killers.

Svarog Hunt Location + Map

Svarog Hunt Location

Svarog is the most difficult hunt in FF16, and to find him, players must travel to the south end of Mornebrume in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. The fastest way to do this is to head to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obelisk and head south down the eastern path.

The Pack Hunt Location + Map

The Pack Hunt Location

The Pack is a group of wolves that players will find located in The Gilded Path of the Dhalmekian Republic. To reach it, fast travel to the Tabor Obelisk and head south, then take a right. From here, follow the path until the end and then go left to enter The Pack’s hideout.

Dread Comet Hunt Location + Map

Dread Comet Hunt Location

The Dread Comet hunt in FF16 is located in the path between The Sickle and The Fields of Carava in the Dhamekian Republic. To fast travel to this location, you must use The Jaw Obelisk and make your way east until you reach The Sickle.

From here, head into the middle path where the Dread Comet is located.

Holy Trumpitour Hunt Location + Map

Holy Trumpitour Hunt Location

The Holy Trumpitour is found at the end of the hidden Cellar Passage of Lost Wing in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque that Cid showed players at the beginning of Final Fantasy 16.

You can only access this from the middle of town, near the walkway close to the river.

Carrot Hunt Location + Map

Carrot Hunt Location

The Carrot is a morbol is a Hunting Board request that resembles the first boss Clive faced as a teenager on his first mission. To locate it, head to the Three Reeds Obelisk and make your way north to the Whispering Waters of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

Pandemonium Hunt Location + Map

Pandemonium Hunt Location

Pandemonium is known as the King of the Orcs, who lost most of his army due to Odin’s Dominant. But to find him, players will still need to head to the orc village of Wolfdarr in the Kingdom of Waloed.

The fastest way to reach this hunt location is to fast travel to The Shadow Coast and toward the orc village. Once you are there, head west, and you’ll see a path leading to two large doors.

When you approach the area, the doors will open, and Pandemonium will appear to defend what little is left of his orc kingdom.

Gorgimera Hunt Location + Map

Grogimera Hunt Location FF16

To fight the Tricephalic Terror known as Gorgimera, make your way to the Velkroy Desert Obelisk in the Dhalekian Republic and head south toward a large patch of desert.

This large area will serve as your fighting arena against the powerful three-headed beast.

Gobermouch Hunt Location + Map

Gobermouch Hunt Location

After you’ve progressed through the story and reached the Brotherhood main quest, Gobermouch will appear in the town of Eistla as a Hunting Board request.

The fastest way to find Gobermouch is to fast travel to the Eistala Obelisk in the Kingdom of Waloed and head west to the top of the city square using the stairs.

Bygul Hunt Location + Map

Bygul Hunt Location

To face Bygul, the A-Rank Hunting Board request from Nektar, players will need to fast travel to the Ravenwit Walls Obelisk and head north to the Kritten Hollow region of The Kingdom of Waloed.

Agni Hunt Location + Map

Agnni Hunt Location

Agni has hidden away just north of The Edge of Infinity Obelisk in The Kingdom of Waloed. To reach him, players must travel north from the obelisk until they reach a large clearing in the cave.

Thanatos Hunt Location + Map

Thanatos Hunt Location

Thanatos is known as the Usher to the Underworld on the Hunting Board and has made its nest in the middle of Titan’s Wake, a small region in the Dhalmekian Republic.

To reach this area, players must fast travel to the Kretov Obelisk and head east down the narrow path.

Terminus Hunt Location + Map

Terminus Hunt Location

The Blood Moon, known as Terminus, can be seen in The Crock region of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. To quickly find this hunt location, fast travel to The Dragon’s Aery, and head southeast until you find an opening leading to a path.

Follow this path, and you’ll see an entrance to The Crock on your left. Head toward the Fallen ruins, and you’ll see Terminus appear before you.

Behemoth King Hunt Location + Map

Behemoth King Hunt Location

The Masterless Marauder is none other than the Behemoth King itself, and thankfully finding it isn’t too difficult due to its incredible size.

The Behemoth King will be waiting in the center of Vidargraes region in The Kingdom of Waloed. Use the Vidargraes Obelisk to fast travel, and head southwest to find it in the field.

Kuza Beast Hunt Location + Map

Kuza Beast Hunt Location

The Kuza Beast is a Hunting Board request players encounter while completing the side quest, Nobody’s Tool in The Kingdom of Waloed.

This monster will not spawn unless you are in the middle of progressing the side quest which you obtain during the Back to Their Origin main quest.

Gizamaluk Hunt Location + Map

Gizamaluk Hunt Location

Gizamaluk will appear on the Hunting Board as The Wailing Banshee of Garnick in the Kingdom of Waloed.

To quickly make your way toward this harpy, you’ll need to fast travel the Vidargraes Obelisk and head southwest until you reach a small village. Enter the village, and Gizamaluk will appear before you.

Prince of Death Hunt Location + Map

Prince of Death Hunt Location

The Prince of Death has made the Cape Orsiere from Sanbreque into its kingdom, but the player will need to use the Northreach Obelisk to reach it.

After reaching Northreach, head north until you are able to summon your Chocobo. From here, use your Chocobo and head west until you see the Prince of Death standing near some flowery fields.

Knight of the Splendent Heart Hunt Location + Map

Knight of the Splendent Heart Hunt Location

Players can find the troubled dragoon knight, Knight of the Splendent Heart, at the very outskirts of the Holy Kingdom Sanbreque, near The Penitent’s Gate.

It’s incredibly close to the Royal Meadows Obelisk found at the northern top of Sanbreque.

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