GTA 6 is unequivocally inspired by the fast-paced glam of Miami City’s real-life locations. The trailer might not be long, but in its 91 seconds, it covers plenty of sites that will be familiar to many Miamians.

Here, we will cover all those memorable landmarks and buildings that made the cut in the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6!

All Real-Life Locations in GTA 6 First Trailer

In total, we spotted 8 real life in the first GTA 6 trailer Rockstar published! We have listed them here, in order of appearance in the trailer:

  1. Miami South Beach
  2. 500 Brickell
  3. Everglades
  4. PortMiami
  5. Atlantis Condominium Reference
  6. Biscayne Island – 1000 Venetian Way Building
  7. Ocean Drive
  8. Florida Keys & Fat Albert Blimp

Note that these locations sometimes are not one-by-one exact matches, but they are very similar to one another or a clear nod to a real-life landmark in the Miami area.

Miami South Beach

The trailer refers to this location as Vice Beach. We know this for sure because this legend is printed all over the blue umbrellas scattered around.

GTA 6 Vice Beach and Miami Beach Comparison
Source: Wikipedia

Once the trailer shows a zoomed-in view of this area, the resemblance to Miami South Beach is undeniable.

GTA 6 Vice Beach Comparison with Miami Beach
Source: Miami Herald

500 Brickell

This building is featured in the trailer briefly after the first glimpse of Vice Beach. Without a doubt, the iconic circle in the middle of the connection between the two towers of this building is unmistakable.

GTA 6 500 Brickell Building Comparison


With all their enthralling fauna, the ever-present Everglades were one real-life location featured in two instances in the GTA 6 trailer.

First, we get a glimpse of an airboat traveling through the marshes at sunset.

GTA 6 Everglades Comparison
Source: Musement

Finally, there is a fantastic shot of some flamingos flying away.

GTA 6 Flamingos Everglades Comparison
Source: Audubon Florida


For a brief second, we can see a freight carrier being unloaded by a set of cranes in the background. This is most likely a recreation of PortMiami in Miami-Dade County.

GTA 6 Port Comparison With PortMiami
Source: Miami-Dade County

Atlantis Condominium Reference

During a car chase scene in the GTA 6 trailer, there is a real-life landmark reference to the Atlantis Condominium in the form of a building with a hole in the middle.

Despite not being the same shape, this could be a nod to this iconic building in Miami.

GTA 6 Atlantis Condominium Reference
Source: Arquitectonica

Biscayne Island – 1000 Venitian Way Building

There is one island shot that was unmistakably inspired by Biscayne Island. We know this by heart because of the almost exact recreation of the 1000 Venitian Way Building.

The architecture of this building is unique and an identifiable landmark pertaining to this island in Miami.

GTA 6 Biscayne Island Comparison
Source: Wikipedia

Ocean Drive

This is one of the most recognizable scenes in the trailer! The neon lights, classic cars, and over-the-top streetwear are iconic of Ocean Drive, and GTA 6 did a fantastic job recreating this vibe.

GTA 6 Ocean Drive Comparison
Source: GetYourGuide

Florida Keys & Fat Albert Blimp

The iconic bridges connecting the Florida Keys region were showcased with a stunning aerial view in the trailer.

GTA 6 Florida Keys Comparison

In addition to the resemblance, a nod to the Fat Albert Blimp was added to the trailer. This blimp flew above the Cudjoe Key in the Florida Keys.

It was used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to detect low-altitude aircrafts from afar. The blimp has now been retired.

GTA 6 Fat Albert Blimp
Source: Flickr

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