Here’s a breakdown of all the Grizzco weapons in Splatoon 3 so far, as well as how to get your hands on them.

Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run: Next Wave, is an excellent PVE addition to the popular multiplayer shooter. There’s plenty to love about splatting Salmonids as part of a team of elite Grizzco employees.

In the mode, players can use many of Splatoon 3’s best weapons, even though they don’t have much say in the tools they take into battle.

But none are more powerful than the elusive Grizzco weapons. But what exactly are these ‘enhanced’ Grizzco weapons and how do you obtain them?

All Grizzco Weapons in Splatoon 3

Grizzco Blaster

Damage: 35 (Min Splash), 50 (Direct Hit)
Ink Consumption: 3%

The Grizzco Blaster is a rapid-fire blaster with a short range but decent splat power. It will fire much faster than most weapons in the class, and doesn’t consume much ink per shot.

Appearance-wise, the Grizzco Blaster appears to be a modified version of a regular Blaster, with its shell casing stripped away. It also has 4 strange yellow pill bottles attached to the top of the weapon.

Splatoon 3 Grizzco Blaster

Grizzco Brella

Damage: 60
Ink Consumption: 2%

Unlike most Brellas in Splatoon 3, the Grizzco Brella actually can’t open. But that’s not to say it’s not a powerful tool in its own right, particularly considering that it fires rapidly when holding down ZR.

The Grizzco Brella has no canopy, meaning it won’t offer any protection in-game. But its fire rate is far higher than most of the weapons in its category.

Splatoon 3 Grizzco Brella

Grizzco Charger

Damage: 200
Ink Consumption: 13%

The Grizzco Charger is a sniper-like weapon that has one key advantage over other Chargers – it charges instantly. The Grizzco Charger isn’t as heavy hitting as some other Chargers, but it needs no charging time before firing.

What’s more, the Grizzco Charger boasts an extremely long range, and allows players to move reasonably fast while holding charge.

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Splatoon 3 Grizzco Charger

Grizzco Slosher

Damage: 150 (Min Splash), 360 (Direct Hit)
Ink Consumption: 25%

The Grizzco Slosher is a modified Sloshing Machine, with a lot of tubes feeding into the main chamber. It is an extremely slow weapon to fire, but it certainly has its advantages.

Grizzo Slosher blasts are much larger than other Sloshers, and travel straight forward before turning 90 degrees towards the ground. The weapon can also piece through any enemy, leading to a huge amount of damage being dealt to enemies, even if they’re wearing armor.

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Splatoon 3 Grizzco Slosher

Grizzco Stringer

Damage: 35×9 (Tap Shot), 150×9 (Full Charge)
Ink Consumption: 10% (Tap Shot), 30% (Full Charge)

The Grizzco Stringer takes Splatoon 3’s best weapon for painting and gives it a huge upgrade. New to Splatoon 3, this bow has a faster charge time and higher damage than other Stringers.

After firing, the Grizzco Stringer launches 9 explosive shots, which detonate for some extra damage and ink coverage. This weapon is ideal for dealing with King Salmonid as it offers one of the highest DPS in the game, even higher than the Egg Cannon.

Splatoon 3 Grizzco Stringer

What Is a Grizzco Weapon in Splatoon 3?

A Grizzco weapon is a powerful upgraded tool loaned to Salmon Run players that appears to have been illegally modified by Mr Grizz, the owner of Grizzco.

The weapons often outclass non-modified variants with special properties, a faster rate of fire, or increased damage per second.

How to Get Grizzco Weapons

The only way to get a Grizzco Weapon is during the random weapon distribution at the start of each wave in Salmon Run. This weapon is only yours for the duration of the round, and cannot be equipped outside of the PVE mode.

These weapons aren’t available all the time though. In fact, they’ll only appear in select Salmon Run weapon rotations. To check the current weapon lineup and two future rosters:

  • Press X to bring up the Menu
  • Press R to open the Stages tab
  • Scroll down to Salmon Run
  • You can then see the next few days of Salmon Run weapons, and spot any Grizzco weapons from the lineup!
All Upcoming Salmon Run Weapons

It’s also highly likely that Grizzco weapons will also appear in the new Splatoon 3 Big Run mode.

Can You Use Grizzco Weapon in Turf War or Anarchy Battles?

No, due to their overpowered (and potentially illegal) nature, Grizzco weapons can only be used on loan during the Salmon Run mode.

At the end of the round, you’ll automatically give back the powerful tool, preventing it from making its way into Turf War or ranked Anarchy Battles.

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