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All Gold Fully Kitted Weapons in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 is finally here and it has shaken up the whole game, including the gold ‘fully kitted’ weapons you can find. Here’s all of them!

Every new season of Apex Legends makes some huge changes to the game. However, there are plenty of small tweaks that keep the game fresh too.

The Apex Legends Season 13 patch notes detailed huge changes to ranked and some major updates to Storm Point. However, there are also plenty of little changes that will have a great effect on the game too.

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Apex Legends Saviors Newcastle
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One of these smaller changes is all of the gold ‘fully kitted’ weapons that lucky players will find throughout the map. These have all of the best attachments equipped already so you don’t need to worry about scavenging

Every season there are five different weapons selected to have a fully-kitted variety drop as legendary loot – here are all of the gold guns you can find in Apex Legends Season 13!

But first, is the new Season 13 Legend Newcastle worth buying?

Apex Legends Respawn
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All Gold Fully Kitted Guns in Apex Legends Season 13 – Saviors

These are the five different fully kitted gold weapons you can pick up in Apex Legends Season 13:

  • Bocek Compound Bow
  • EVA-8 Auto
  • P2020
  • M600 Spitfire
  • VK-47 Flatline

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We imagine the Spitfire will be the most popular out of these fully kitted gold weapons in Apex Legends Season 13. However, players will still want to pick up the Flatline and the EVA-8.

Although, even getting a fully kitted version of the P2020 or Bocek Bow won’t make those weapons meta!

Good luck finding these gold fully kitted weapons in Apex Legends Season 13! Make sure to drop into a hot zone for an increased chance of finding one.

In other news, some huge leaks have revealed upcoming Apex Legends content. A datamine has uncovered Valkyrie’s upcoming Heirloom set – let’s hope this arrives in-game soon.

Additionally, a great new skin for one of the most popular Legends in Apex has been revealed. Check out the exclusive Apex Legends Wraith Edition skin before it is even released!

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