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All Future Warzone Zombies Spawn Locations Leak

Influencers prepare themselves for a mass of incoming packages from Treyarch as all future Warzone zombies spawn locations leak online.

In case you missed it somehow, zombies are in Warzone now. The undead arrived on Verdansk in a new shipwreck POI at the beginning of Season 2.

Since then, the zombie hordes haven't been increasing, but they're slowly on their way around Verdansk. Players are criticizing this as being more of a zombie tour than an invasion, but at least they're on the move.

And now, we know exactly where the Zombies are heading next in Activision's battle royale. First impressions: it looks like it's going to be a dull few weeks...

warzone verdansk zombies
(Source: Activision)

And given that Warzone players already hate the map's new zombie outbreak, we don't think they'll be happy with the news.

Where Are Warzone Zombies Going Next?

After a few weeks of Season 2, Warzone's zombies have moved around a couple of times - but where are they going next?

Initially, a new report suggested that Warzone's zombies would be invading Verdansk's map completely. However, the number of the undead is yet to rise.

Instead of a full invasion however, it looks like zombies took a trip to Warzone's prison. Dubbed the Ghoul-ag, this prison escape was a lot more disappointing than fans had hoped.

Next, the undead arrived in another location in Verdansk. This time it seems the zombies are making camp at Warzone's hospital. Each time they move, the living dead are kind enough to pack up their things in the old location and not add any more zombies to their ranks.

warzone stadium zombies
(Source: Activision)

And now, we know exactly where the horde will be travelling next. Thanks to a new leak by ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter, we've had a closer look at the Script Files for Verdansk.

According to the user, we already know all future locations that the Warzone zombies will be arriving in. These include Bank, Dam, TV Station, Superstore, and Stadium.

If this proves correct, we'll be seeing a new Warzone zombie location every week until Season 3's release date. And then Warzone's Plague Mode game mode will finally bring the nuke.

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It looks like the zombies are taking one last look at all of the map's major hotspots before Verdansk is removed for good in Season 3. With some of these being significantly large locations, we hope to see at least the total zombie count rising as they spread further.

But none of this will matter much, as some Warzone players are calling the game 'unplayable' in Season 2. Fans aren't having a good time with the battle royale, and Warzone cheaters appear more active than ever before.

But now that we have the title of the next Call of Duty game leaking early, we won't have to wait long until Warzone gets even more major updates.

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