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All FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 – How to Obtain, Prices, & Stats

FIFA 23 will feature a brand new collaboration with Marvel, where they turn some of the most iconic FIFA heroes into actual superheroes.

This is the first time that FIFA and Marvel have collaborated together. Marvel will bring a unique new spin to FIFA 23 FUT Heroes with their talented artists and illustrations.

So what’s different this year? Well, here’s everything you’ll need to know about FIFA 23 FUT Heroes and every FUT Hero that will be available.

FUT Heroes

What is FUT Heroes?

FUT Heroes takes some of the most memorable heroes in football and turns them into FIFA Ultimate Team players that represent the moment in history that turned them into fan favorites.

They’re incredibly beneficial to have on a team due to their ability to link up with any players from the same league.

How Do FUT Heroes’ Chemistry Work?

FUT Heroes has a unique Chemistry boost that will allow them to form a strong link with any player from their league regardless of the team.

One of the most important aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team is Chemistry. To achieve chemistry, players will need to have cards on their team that have a few things in common.

Most cards in FUT have three attributes that players can use to create those chemistry links. These include:

  • Team
  • League
  • Country

There are three levels of chemistry that players can achieve with each other.

  • Red Link: No common attribute
  • Yellow Link: One common attribute
  • Green Link: Two common attributes

But with FUT Hero cards, all you need is for the league to be the same. The team doesn’t matter.

This means that even if the team is different, as long as the league is the same, the chemistry link will be strong. FUT Heroes will offer players new ways to build their teams.

What are FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes?

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes will have an additional FIFA World Cup FUT Hero version that celebrates a memorable moment from their international career.

These World Cup Fut Heroes will actually have improved ratings that are based on these iconic contributions to their international team.

Unfortunately, obtaining a FIFA 23 FUT Hero does not mean that you will automatically unlock the FIFA World Cup FUT card as well.

They are two separate cards with different ratings and stats.

When Will FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Release?

The base versions of FUT Heroes will be obtainable in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on launch day. World Cup FUT Heroes will arrive on November 11.

There are also FIFA 23 Editions that will allow players to get Early Access to the game.

How to Obtain FUT Heroes in FIFA 23?

You can obtain FUT Heroes by purchasing in-game FUT packs and opening them. The chances are relatively small due to how rare these cards are.

Players that pre-ordered FIFA 23 before August 21 will receive a FUT Hero World Cup card on November 11, 2022.

There are times when special cards are obtainable by completing weekly objectives or Squad Builder Challenges, but as of right now, none have been announced.

All FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Ratings & Stats

ImageFUT HeroOverallCountryLeaguePaceShootingPassingDribblingDefendingPhysical
Donovan FUT HeroLandon Donavon88U.S.A.MLS929083874873
Carvalho FUT HeroRicardo Carvalho89PortugalBarclay's Premier League805773749283
Marchisio FUT HeroClaudio Marchisio88ItalySerie A TIM838486878183
YayaToure FUT HeroYaya Touré89Ivory CoastPremier League828588878291
ParkJi-Sung FUT HeroPark Ji-Sung87South KoreaPremier League868184878082
Forlan FUT HeroDiego Forlán91UruguayLa Liga Santander909483905880
Lucio FUT HeroLúcio90BrazilBundesliga837376789390
Márquez FUT HeroRafael Márquez89MexicoLa Liga Santander786676759189
Mascherano FUT HeroJavier Mascherano89ArgentinaPremier League785677779087
Crouch FUT HeroPeter Crouch86EnglandPremier League788876805381
Kuyt FUT HeroDirk Kuyt88NetherlandsPremier League879084867284
Kewell FUT HeroHarry Kewell88AustraliaPremier League918789895371
Papin FUT HeroJean-Pierre Papin90FranceLigue 1859474854577
Govou FUT HeroSidney Govou87FranceLigue 1909083895671
Brolin FUT HeroTomas Brolin89SwitzerlandSerie A TIM909285926171
Voller FUT HeroRudi Völler91GermanySerie A TIM919478904987
Nakata FUT HeroHidetoshi Nakata88JapanSerie A TIM878686876367
Okocha FUT HeroJay-Jay Okocha89NigeriaLigue 1898584944162
Backfield Bull FUT HeroJoan Capdevila88SpainLa Liga Santander907883828782
Smolarek FUT HeroWłodzimierz Smolarek88PolandEredivisie949082924385
Emerald Falcon CoverSaeed Al Owairan88Saudi ArabiaPro League998683923876

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