Here’s how you can transform Furfrou, all of its forms, and whether there’s a shiny Furfrou in Pokemon GO!

Furfrou, the Poodle Pokemon, has plenty of different Forms for Pokemon GO players to add to their Pokedex and there’s no better time to catch this fashionable ‘Mon than the 2022 Fashion Week event.

As well as being one of the wild Pokemon spawning in Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week, Furfrou is also one of the many Fashion Week Raid bosses. This means throughout the event, you should not only catch plenty of this Pokemon but earn lots of Candy which you can use to transform it.

But before you start changing Furfrou’s Forms, you’ll need to know how to do it!

Furfou Pokemon GO Fashion Week

How to Change Furfrou Form in Pokemon GO

  • Collect 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust
  • Go to the Furfrou you want to change Form
  • Press the ‘Change Form’ button
  • Select which Form you want to change it to
  • Press the ‘Change Form’ Button again

Find out how to earn More Candy in Pokemon GO if you want to speed up the process!

You’ll need plenty of Candy as there are loads of different Furfrou forms that you’ll want to have.

Pokemon GO Change Furfrou Form

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All Furfrou Forms & Where to Get Them

There are currently 10 different Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO. Here’s all of them and what location you have to be in to unlock this Furfrou trim:

Furfrou FormImageWhere to Get
NaturalFurfrou Pokemon GOWorldwide
DandyFurfrou Dandy Form Pokemon GOWorldwide
Matron Furfrou Matron Form Pokemon GOWorldwide
DebutanteFurfrou Debutante Forme Pokemon GOFrance
DiamondFurfrou Diamond Form Pokemon GOEurope, the Middle East, and Africa
PharoahFurfrou Pharaoh Form Pokemon GOEgypt
KabukiFurfrou Kabuki Form Pokemon GOJapan
La ReineFurfrou La Reine Form Pokemon GOFrance
StarFurfrou Star Form Pokemon GOAsia-Pacific
HeartFurfrou Heart Form Pokemon GO2022 Valentine's Day event

No matter where you catch the Furfrou you want to evolve, you will be able to change it to any Form, providing you are in the right location where the Form is available.

While this means you’ll have to go around the globe to get every Furfrou Form, it’s better than having totally region-exclusive Pokemon!

Is there Shiny Furfrou in Pokemon GO?

Yes – shiny Furfrou made its long-awaited debut in the 2022 Fashion Week event.

Check out our Pokemon GO Shiny Odds Guide to find out the exact chances of catching a shiny version of Furfrou!

Shiny Furfrou is black instead of white, and you can also change shiny Furfrou into each of its different Forms. Here’s what all of the shiny Furfrou forms in Pokemon GO look like:

Furfrou FormNormalShiny
NaturalFurfrou Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Pokemon GO
DandyFurfrou Dandy Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Dandy Form Pokemon GO
Matron Furfrou Matron Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Matron Form Pokemon GO
DebutanteFurfrou Debutante Forme Pokemon GODebutante
DiamondFurfrou Diamond Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Diamond Form Pokemon GO
PharoahFurfrou Pharaoh Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Pharaoh Form Pokemon GO
KabukiFurfrou Kabuki Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Kabuki Form Pokemon GO
La ReineFurfrou La Reine Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou La Reine Form Pokemon GO
StarFurfrou Star Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Star Form Pokemon GO
HeartFurfrou Heart Form Pokemon GOShiny Furfrou Heart Form Pokemon GO

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