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All Fortnite Crew Packs & Skins

Wondering what you may have missed out on? Here are all of the Fortnite Crew packs since it started as well as all of the skins that came with them.

Fortnite Crew massively changed how players can purchase their V-Bucks and each Battle Pass. By offering exclusive cosmetics, a monthly amount of currency, and more, many fans opted to use the subscription service.

The exclusive skins are what really draw players in though, as they only return rarely and remain Fortnite Crew-only skins. That’s why we’ve compiled every Fortnite Crew since its inception, so you can see what has come before and what may come back later.

Before we go on with every Fortnite Crew skin, make sure to find out what Fortnite Crew is and if it’s worth buying.

Every Fortnite Crew Pack & Skin So Far

Here’s a list of every Fortnite Crew pack and skin in history, as well as the month it was released:

Release DateSkin NameFortnite Crew SkinOther RewardsHas It Returned?
December 2020GalaxiaFortnite Crew December 2020 GalaxiaFractured World Back Bling
Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe
January 2021Green ArrowGreen Arrow Skin in FortniteTactical Quiver Back Bling
Boxing Glove Pickaxe 
Members Only Emote
February 2021ViFortnite Crew February 2021 ViFoxbow Quiver Back Bling
Crooked Claw Pickaxe
Drift Shift Wrap
Kitsune's Pursuit Loading Screen
Fox Clan Reborn Loading Screen
March 2021LlambroFortnite Crew March 2021 LlambroUp North Back Bling
Puffcorn Pick Pickaxe
The Llegend Wrap
Blister Pack Back Bling
April 2021AlliFortnite Crew April 2021 AlliSquee Back Bling
Skellyfish Pickaxe
Cat's Paw Wrap
Catwalk Loading Screen
May 2021DeimosFortnite Crew May 2021 DeimosSorrow's Edge Back Bling
Sorrow's Reach Pickaxe
Doomed Echo Wrap
Skull Stalker Loading Screen
Bearallel Universe Loading Screen
Bear Beginnings Loading Screen
Cuddle Charge! Loading Screen
The New Team Loading Screen
June 2021Mecha Cuddle MasterFortnite Crew June 2021 Cuddle Mech MasterPsytronic Bow Back Bling
Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe
Cuddle Mech Wrap
Bearallel Universe Loading Screen
Bear Beginnings Loading Screen
Cuddle Charge! Loading Screen
The New Team Loading Screen
Mecha Power Music Pack
Mecha Power (Instrumental) Music Pack
July 2021Loki LaufeysonFortnite Crew July 2021 LokiLoki's Cape Back Bling
Loki's Scepter Pickaxe
Chitauri Chariot Glider
Loki's Welcoming Loading Screen
August 2021Summer SkyeFortnite Crew August 2021 Summer SkyeCursed Eagleshield Back Bling
Epic Sword of Might Pickaxe
Pspspsps! Wrap
Cattitude Wrap
Afternoon Quest Loading Screen
Rainbow Cloudcruiser Glider
Skye up High Loading Screen
Zero Point Flower Banner Icon
The Spire Banner Icon
Sun Banner Icon
September 2021The Burning WolfFortnite Crew September 2021 The Burning WolfBurning Fangs Back Bling
Burning Fangs Harvesting Tool
Burning UFO Banner Icon
Burning Wolf Strike Loading Screen
Call the Shadows Loading Screen
Golden Touch Banner Icon
October 2021Chaos OriginsFortnite Crew October 2021 Chaos OriginsSiphon Pack Back Bling
Mutagen Mace Pickaxe
World Dominator Wrap
All-Weather Extractor (Brite Style)
A Touch Of Chaos Loading Screen
Golden Touch Banner Icon
November 2021SierraFortnite Crew November 2021 SierraSierra's Go Bag Back Bling
Serrated Steelblades Pickaxe
Glowing Vengeance Wrap
Sierra's Vengeance Loading Screen
All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Brite Style)
Call the Shadows Loading Screen
First Shadows Loading Screen (only if you own September & October Crew Packs)
Golden Shadows Styles (only if you own September & October Crew Packs)
December 2021Cube AssassinFortnite Crew December 2021 Cube AssassinThe Cubist Back Bling
Cube Edge Pickaxe
Assassin's Mask Wrap
Flipside Banner Icon
Snowman Banner Icon
Golden Look Board Glider
January 2022Snow Stealth SloneFortnite Crew January 2022 Snow Stealth SloneSnow Stealth Hardcase Back Bling
Sleet Spike Pickaxe
Snow Stealth Wrap
Snowman Banner Icon
Golden Look Board Glider
February 2022AftermathFortnite Crew February 2022 AftermathFlatline Back Bling
Rave Digger Pickaxe
Glitter n' Grim Wrap
March 2022Tracy TroubleFortnite Crew March 2022 Tracy TroubleLovely Skully Back Bling
Heartslash Pickaxe
Tracy's Arsenal Wrap
April 2022SayaraFortnite Crew April 2022 SayaraFangs of Sayara Back Bling
Dual Machettas Pickaxe
Sayara Sight Wrap
May 2022SouthpawFortnite Crew May 2022 SouthpawCounterpunch Back Bling
Arc Flail Pickaxe
A New Challenger Appears Loading Screen
Burgeoning Bout Master Loading Screen
Crashed In and Lights Out Music Pack
A Champion Crowned Loading Screen
Crashed in (Instrumental) Music Pack
June 2022Mecha Strike CommanderFortnite Crew June 2022 Mecha Strike CommanderMecha Light Capacitor Back Bling
Mecha Reborn Wrap
Light Blade Pickaxe
The Heartbreaker Emote
Fully Operational Loading Screen
Mecha Banner Icon
July 2022PhaedraFortnite Crew July 2022 PhaedraCeph Back Bling
Stygian Parasol Pickaxe
Gothic Shadesoarer Glider
Inky Reflection Loading Screen
August 2022Wolverine ZeroFortnite Crew August 2022 Wolverine ZeroMuramasa Blade Back Bling
Muramasa Blade Pickaxe
Best Fight You Ever Had Loading Screen
September 2022LovelessFortnite Crew September 2022 LovelessCalling Card Back Bling
Stylus Edge Pickaxe
Shooting Shuffle Wrap
The Loveless Bandit Music Pack
October 2022Red ClawFortnite Red ClawBlack Fang Back Bling
Red's Rippers Pickaxe
Shredded Red Wrap
Never Take Me Alive Loading Screen
Dark Nights/Red Lights Music Pack
Dark & Red Instrumental Music Pack
November 2022InkquisitorThe Inkquisitor from Fortnite CrewInkquisitive Stare Back Bling
Sunken Strikers Pickaxe 
The Hunter's Moon Loading Screen
December 2022Joni The RedJoni The Red from Fortnite CrewHunter's Holdall Back Bling
The Scarlet Oath Pickaxe
On a Hunt Loading Screen
January 2023GildhartGildhart from Fortnite CrewGolden Guard Back Bling
Gilt Glaive Pickaxe
Photonic Striker Pickaxe
February 2023SylvieSylvie from Fortnite Crew

Smith’s Slammers Pickaxe
Groaker Backbling
Groak’d Wrap
Forging the Future Loading Screen
Photonic Striker Pickaxe


    Many months of Fortnite Crew also included the Fortnite Crew Legacy Sets. These are rewards for recurring subscriptions, but we haven’t included them in our list.

    This list was last updated in January 2023.

    That’s every single Fortnite Crew pack and skin since it started, but make sure to find out every collaboration in Fortnite history.

    Will Fortnite Crew Packs Ever Come Back?

    No Fortnite Crew pack has returned yet, but there are suggestions that some Fortnite Crew skins will come back.

    Epic Games frequently use the term “for now” when Fortnite Crew bundles are about to leave. For example, with January 2022’s Crew, @FortniteGame on Twitter says, “grab the January Crew Pack including Snow Stealth Slone before it rotates out for now.”

    Unlike Battle Pass cosmetics, Fortnite Crew skins don’t seem to be exclusive to the month they were released. However, we have yet to see any return.

    We’ll be updating our list any time a new Fortnite Crew bundle arrives, so check back frequently!

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