The 2023 Pokemon GO Festival of Colors event has added four new Field Research Tasks for players to complete, and they all involve catching Pokemon.

Any time you spin a PokeStop during the Festival of Colors event, from March 8 to March 14, 2023, there is a chance you will pick up a new limited-timer Field Research Task.

These are all of the new Field Research Tasks for the 2023 Festival of Colors, as well as all of the possible rewards you can get from them:

Field Research TaskPossible Rewards
Catch 15 PokemonAlolan Grimer
Catch 5 Different Species of PokemonCastform
Castform (Sunny)
Castform (Rainy)
Castform (Snowy)
Catch 8 Different Species of PokemonBurmy (Plant)
Burmy (Sandy)
Burmy (Trash)
Catch 10 Different Species of PokemonOricorio

The version of Oricorio you can catch depends on where you are. This is because all of the Oricorio styles are exclusive to different regions in the world.

Also, the reward encounters with Burmy will be very handy if you want to complete the 2023 Festival of Colors Collection Challenge! However, to finish it, you will also need to know how to get Mothim in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Oricorio Styles

In addition to the new Field Research Tasks, there is a vibrant selection of Pokemon spawning in the wild during the Festival of Colors.

What’s more, there is a new lineup of Raid bosses in the 2023 Festival of Colors. This includes a brand-new Mega Pokemon as well as the return of a classic Legendary!

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