If you are playing Warzone 2 on free-to-play or you simply want to hit the max rank while playing Warzone 2, having Double XP activated is a sure way to rank up faster!

MW2 Season 1 brought a lot of exciting updates including new weapons and modes! It has also brought an extra 195 levels!

Players can now hit level 250 in both MW2 and Warzone 2 and if you want to reach that rank as soon as possible, you will need Double XP!

All Ways To Gain Double XP in Warzone 2

There are currently 5 main methods to get Double XP in Warzone 2. It’s worth noting any Double XP tokens carryover from MW2 to Warzone 2.

1. Double XP Tokens in MW2 Vault Edition

If you buy or upgrade to the MW2 Vault Edition, you will be granted 10 hours of Double XP as well as Double Weapon XP!

The Vault Edition will cost you:

  • $99.99
  • £99.99
  • €109.99

And if you already own MW2, you can upgrade to the Vault Edition for:

  • $30
  • £30
  • €30

2. Double XP Tokens in Warzone 2 & MW2 Battle Pass

The Warzone 2 & MW” battle pass offers Double XP tokens as part of its rewards, here are the sectors where you can find them!

  • A1 – 1 Hour
  • A6 – 30 Minutes
  • A7 – 30 Minutes
  • A19 – 1 Hour

If you have the Vault Edition, you will be given 55-tier skips! This means you will be able to instantly unlock these tokens!

Double XP in Warzone 2 Battle Pass

3. Double XP MW2 Campaign Rewards

MW2’s Campaign offers players rewards when completing missions. Some of these missions will give you Double XP tokens!

Here is every mission you can get Double XP from:

  • Double XP
    • Wetwork – 30-Minute Token
    • Close Air – 30-Minute Token
    • El Sin Nombre – 1 Hour Token
    • Hindsight – 1 Hour Token

4. Mountain Dew x MW2 Rewards

Mountain Dew and MW2 have a collaboration where when purchasing Mountain Dew, the bottles will contain redeemable codes for Double XP! This is a US-only promotion.

Here is every Mountain Dew product that offers Double XP:

  • 16 Oz MTN DEW Game Fuel – Grants 15 minutes of Dual 2XP
  • 20 Oz MTN DEW – Grants 30 minutes of Dual XP
  • 12 Pack – Grants 60 minutes of Dual 2XP and 75 CoD Points
  • 24 Pack – Grants 120 minutes of Dual 2XP and 150 CoD Points

If you get your hands on an MTN Dew code, make sure you know how to redeem the code for Double XP!

Mountain Dew bottles under MW2 logo and next to Ghost

Jack Links and MW2 also have collaborated for Double XP rewards! Specially marked bags of Jack Links will contain codes you can redeem!

The Jack Links x MW2 collaboration is only available in the US.

These bags will offer the following rewards:

  • Double XP
  • Sasquatch Operator Skin
  • Sasquatch Calling Card
  • Sasquatch Emblem
  • Sasquatch Weapon Charm

If you get a code you will need to know where you can redeem your Jack Links code!

If you are looking for an easy way to level up weapons ! There is a new Spec Ops trick that is levelling up guns extremely fast!

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