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All Diablo 4 Beta Rewards & How to Get Them

Diablo 4 is rewarding players who reach certain milestones during Early Access and Open Beta with a fluffy companion!

There are three different Diablo 4 rewards that players can unlock during Early Access and Open Beta. Here is how you can unlock them all:

  • Initial Casualty Title – Reach Kyovashad with one character.
  • Early Voyager Title – Reach Level 20 with one character.
  • Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item – Reach Level 20 with one character.

Players had the opportunity to earn these rewards during Early Access, March 17-19, as well as in the Open Beta from March 24-26. But these rewards are only available during the beta.

Thankfully, we have a guide to help you set up access to both weekends of the beta for you and any friends you may want to explore with.

This means that the Diablo 4 beta will allow players to dive deep into the new mechanics of the franchise while earning some great gear to showcase when the game releases.

Players can reach level 25 with their characters during the Diablo 4 beta, so reaching level 20 shouldn’t be too difficult. There are plenty of things to do during the beta including exploring the game’s first act, The Fractured Peaks.

Diablo 4 Beta Reward

When Will I Receive Diablo 4 Beta Rewards?

Players will receive any Diablo 4 beta rewards that they earn once the full game releases on June 6, 2023.

The most interesting one of the three is the Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item that allows you to carry a sleeping wolf pup on your back.

It is a dynamic backpack which means that the sleeping wolf pup will move from time to time and wiggle its ears while exploring the dungeons with you.

This could be an indication of similar cosmetics we may see in Diablo 4 with its inclusion of a battle pass. It has already been mentioned that the battle pass will only include cosmetic rewards for players to unlock.

In past Diablo games, players were able to have pets roam around the world with them, but backpacks are something new to Diablo 4.

What Are Titles in Diablo 4?

Titles can be equipped via your Diablo 4 profile to show off your accomplishments in-game or add flair to your character.

To equip one, including your Beta-exclusive title unlocks, simply open your Character Equipment Screen and select Profile, then Edit.

This will let you mix and match prefixes and suffixes to create a title that’s right for you. This won’t affect your gameplay in any way, but it’s a fun way to customize your profile.

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