The wait is finally over as players can now complete every challenge for the Battle Pass character Bytes and unlock unique cosmetics for him in Fortnite.

Players have been grinding through the Battle Pass since the launch of Fortnite’s exciting chrome-covered Chapter 3 Season 4.

One of the many fantastic skins available in Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass is Bytes. Many keen-eyed players will have noticed that upon unlocking his outfit, they will have gained access to his challenges.

However, until now, these challenges have remained locked and a complete mystery. Fortunately, eager fans can now complete these and unlock unique cosmetics for the Bytes outfit.

Bytes from Fortnite looking at a TV

Every Bytes Quest Challenge

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes Outfit
  • Damage opponents with EvoChrome Weapons (2500)
  • Drive 5000 distance in Chromed Vehicle
  • Pass through 10 Chromed structures in different Named locations
  • Search 20 Chrome Chests
  • Deal 2500 damage to Chromed Wildlife
  • Eliminate 20 opponents at a Chromed Named Location
  • Chrome 10 opponents

Tune the TV While Wearing the Bytes Outfit

  • Make sure to track the quest on your map, so you know where the TVs are going to be next. You will need to repeat this challenge multiple times, and the location of the TVs will alter every time too.
  • Fortnite will give you an option of 2 TVs to choose from, which will be separated across the island. You should definitely pick the one closest to the best landing spots in Fortnite.

Damage Opponents With EvoChrome Weapons (2500)

  • Try and drop at the house to the left of Herald’s Sanctum. It’s chromed, so you should be able to find EvoChrome weapons quite easily, and it has a TV.

Fortunately, EvoChrome weapons have gotten a major buff in Fortnite.

Drive 5000 Distance in Chromed Vehicle

  • Bring Chrome Splash to Chonker’s Speedway.
  • Chrome the Whiplash cars near there to easily complete the distance challenge.
  • Racing around the racetrack should clear a decent amount of distance quite quickly, but you should also be fine just driving across the island if the Storm is incoming.
a chromed car in Fortnite

Pass Through 10 Chromed Structures in Different Named Locations

  • Make sure you bring some Chrome Splash with you, as the majority of locations won’t have chromed buildings for you to pass through.
  • Dropping at Herald’s Sanctum or even the brand-new POI Chrome Crossroads will allow you to collect Chrome Splash quickly. Alternatively, you can farm an infinite amount of Chrome Splash with this easy trick.

Search 20 Chromed Chests

  • There will be plenty of Chromed Chests to find in either Lustrous Lagoon or Herald’s Sanctum early on.
  • Alternatively, you can bring Chrome Splash around with you and use it on Chests to turn them into Chromed Chests. This is just one of Chrome Splash’s many unique uses.
Bytes floating down to a chromed house in Fortnite

Deal 2500 Damage to Chromed Wildlife

  • Make sure you bring some Chrome Splash along with you or drop in Chromed locations such as Chrome Crossroads in order to get Chromed wildlife.
  • Dealing damage to wildlife shouldn’t prove too much of an issue, especially as wildlife can be found practically all across the map. This is definitely one of the easier challenges in the Fortnite Bytes Quest.

Eliminate 20 Opponents at a Chromed Named Location

  • Drop in any of the following Chromed locations, and it should be relatively easy to eliminate opponents, especially in Zero Build mode.
    • Lustrous Lagoon
    • Herald’s Sanctum
    • Shimmering Shrine
    • Chrome Crossroads

Chrome 10 Opponents

  • Simply throw a Chrome Splash at your enemy, and they’ll be chromed. You can hit two birds with one stone by throwing a Chrome Splash next to both you and your opponent.
Bytes aiming with the Herald Burst Rifle

It is definitely worth keeping the Bytes outfit on at all times, even for the challenges that don’t require you to, just in case you complete one challenge and can move straight into tuning a TV afterward.

Every Reward From Bytes Quests in Fortnite

Here are all the rewards you get for completing the Bytes Quests:

  • The Nothing’s Gift (Reaper’s Lament Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (The Dread Claw Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (Sharpened Sunburst Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (Chaotic Edge Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (Razer Thorn Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (Skewer Style)
  • The Nothing’s Gift (Thrasher Style)

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Bytes reward screen with his unique pickaxe

What are Bytes Quests in Fortnite?

Bytes Quests are unique challenges in Fortnite that, once completed, unlock unique cosmetics for the Battle Pass outfit Bytes.

Players automatically unlock these challenges when they purchase the Battle Pass, although they’ll need the Bytes outfit to make the most of its rewards.

When Do the Bytes Quests Start & End in Fortnite?

Find below the start and end dates for Bytes Quests:

  • Start:
    • October 4, 2022
  • End:
    • December 18, 2022

Once you’ve wrapped up the Bytes Quests and gotten yourself some cool new gear, why not check out the upcoming Fortnitemares event that’s sure to give you the chills?

If unlocking new cosmetics for the Bytes skin isn’t enough for you, then don’t forget to unlock the upcoming Herald skin when she drops.

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