The Pokemon GO Greedy Gluttons event has introduced a new selection of Pokemon to hatch from 7km Eggs, including a brand-new shiny!

Hatching Eggs is a great way to get Pokemon in Pokemon GO as they can contain creatures you may not find in the wild.

However, it is important to keep up with which Pokemon you can hatch from 7km Eggs. This is because which Pokemon you can get from them changes with every in-game event.

The Greedy Gluttons event has introduced a new trio of Pokemon to the 7km Egg. But before you find out what they are, here’s how to get more 7km Eggs in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Greedy Gluttons Event

Every Pokemon in 7km Eggs During Pokemon GO Greedy Gluttons

There are 3 different Pokemon that you can hatch from 7km Eggs obtained from November 9 – November 17, 2022, during the Greedy Gluttons event. They are:

  • Cherubi
  • Gible
  • Munchlax

The hatch rarity for each of these Pokemon is the same. Therefore, you should have roughly a 1 in 3 chance of hatching each of them from your 7km Eggs!

It’s also worth noting that any of the Pokemon you can hatch from this Egg could be shiny – even Munchlax, which is making its Pokemon GO shiny debut! Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out your chances of hatching shinies!

Plus, there’s no better time to hatch Eggs than now. The Greedy Gluttons event bonus is making hatching Eggs much faster for Pokemon trainers who install the Egg Hatching Widget!

Pokemon GO Greedy Gluttons 7km Egg Pokemon

Before you head out to hatch some Eggs, make sure you know all of the wild Pokemon spawning during the Greedy Gluttons event. There’s a very interesting selection to find, including a few you won’t see in the wild very often.

Also, don’t forget to find out all of the new Raid boss Pokemon in the Greedy Gluttons event. This includes a brand-new Ultra Beast!

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