One of the new additions in the 2023 Pokemon GO Fashion Week event is an updated 5km Egg!

This 5km Egg features a pool of five particularly stylish Pokemon, including three costumed Pokemon. This makes it one of the best Eggs Pokemon GO has had for a while!

Any 5km Egg you pick up during 2023 Pokemon GO Fashion Week (from 10 AM local time on November 15 to 8 PM local time on November 19) will be an event Egg.

These Eggs contain one of the following five fashionable Pokemon:

  • Pichu (Summer Flair Costume)
  • Wooper (Fashionable Costume)
  • Smoochum (Fashionable Costume)
  • Shinx (Fashionable Costume)
  • Gothita
All 5km Egg Hatches in Pokemon GO Fashion Week

If you want to hatch plenty of these Pokemon, you’ll need to get more 5km Eggs. Fortunately, you can get 5km by spinning PokeStops, as they are a reasonably common drop for every PokeStop spin.

The table below shows the shiny version of all five of the Pokemon in the 5km Egg, as they are all available to hatch!

(Summer Flair Costume)
Summer Flair Pichu Pokemon GOShiny Summer Flair Pichu Pokemon GO
(Fashionable Costume)
Fashion Week Wooper Pokemon GOShiny Fashion Week Wooper Pokemon GO
(Fashionable Costume)
Fashion Week Smoochum Pokemon GOShiny Fashion Week Smoochum Pokemon GO
(Fashionable Costume)
Fashion Week Shinx Pokemon GOShiny Fashion Week Shinx Pokemon GO
GothitaGothita Pokemon GOShiny Gothita Pokemon GO

There is also even more good news for shiny hunters – the odds of hatching a shiny Gothita from a 5km Fashion Week Egg are boosted!

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