Black Ops 6 is set shortly after the early timeline of Black Ops 2, but does that mean that Alex Mason is dead or simply missing in action?

For those who played the original Call of Duty: Black Ops games, Alex Mason is perhaps the most iconic character that the franchise has to offer.

The protagonist of Black Ops 1, Mason was brainwashed by Dragovich, with the mysterious numbers broadcast set to trigger him to kill President John F. Kennedy.

Mason would later appear in the Black Ops Cold War storyline before being playable one last time during Black Ops 2. But with his fate left up to the player’s choices, is Mason canonically still alive in Black Ops 6?

Is Mason Alive or Dead?

According to Miles Leslie, Associate Creative Director at Treyarch, Alex Mason is dead during the events of Black Ops 6.

Alex Mason in Black Ops Cold War Season 6

During a press briefing for the game, the developer confirmed the fate of the fan-favorite character, alongside the iconic Jason Hudson:

“Our Black Ops operatives have been through a lot. If you know anything about Black Ops, we have put our agents and operatives through the wringer, you will see and find out the state of Woods right in the world of no Alex Mason and Jason Hudson because they’re dead.”

Miles Leslie, Associate Creative Director at Treyarch (via VentureBeat)

For those who missed Black Ops 2, we’ve got a full breakdown of the Black Ops story so far, including the early timeline of the game that sees Alex Mason meet his end.

How Did Alex Mason Die?

During Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s 1980s Campaign, a retired Alex Mason is brought back into the field in order to rescue Frank Woods and his team from Nicaraguan arms dealer Raul Menendez.

Mason, Woods, and Hudson raid Menendez’s compound, and an enraged Woods accidentally kills Raul’s sister Josefina with a grenade.

In December 1989, after faking his own death, Menendez kidnaps Mason’s son David and uses him to coerce Hudson into leading Mason and Woods into a trap.

Woods is tricked into shooting Mason, before Menendez reveals himself and shoots Woods in both kneecaps. This explains why Frank Woods appears in a wheelchair in the Black Ops 6 story.

Black Ops 6 Woods in a Wheelchair

If players do not shoot Mason in the head, he will survive the gunshot, reuniting with Woods in 2025. However, these new comments from Treyarch’s Associate Creative Director confirm that, canonically, Woods went for the head.

Soon after, Jason Hudson is also brutally killed by Menendez, meaning he won’t be making an appearance in Black Ops 6 either.

Don’t Expect Mason in Black Ops 6

But with Black Ops 6’s motto being ‘The Truth Lies,’ could this all be a ruse to trick us into believing Mason is really gone?

Well, the fact of the matter is, whether Alex Mason is alive or dead, we shouldn’t expect him to appear in Black Ops 6.

After all, even in the (now confirmed non-canon) Black Ops 2 ending in which Mason reunites with Woods, he states that he hasn’t seen him for 30 years.

With that in mind, given that Woods appears to be a major part of the Black Ops 6 storyline, it’s unlikely that Mason will return.

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