Warzone 2 Season 2 has made some changes to the current Al Mazrah Battle Royale map:

Of course, Season 2 has given players a ton of new content, from a new map to three new weapons. However, Raven Software did not forget about the large-scale map.

All these changes are now visible in-game, so after discovering all the updates here, check them out for yourself on the Al Mazrah map!

Plane at Sattiq Caves Complex

One of the most significant changes to the map in Season 2 is the presence of a downed airplane in the Sattiq Caves Complex.

Those who played the original Modern Warfare 2 will recognize this area as Afghan, the 6v6 Multiplayer map.

Inside the plane, players can potentially find loot and loot caches scattered throughout the aircraft.

Underground Tunnels

Players can find a new tunnel system in “Suburbs 14”. As of now, the location of these tunnels is unknown, but we will update this article once more information becomes known.

New Passenger Train

Another significant change to the map is the addition of a second train. This train is a passenger vehicle.

It is going in the opposite direction of the original cargo train, and there is a ton of loot to find inside the carriages.

Like the original, this train begins each game in Al Mazrah City.

New Passenger Train

Pathway at Zarqwa Hydroelectric

This is a minor change to the game but now north of Hydroelectric, there is a new pathway. This change doesn’t really add much to the area but is one of the updates made to the map.

Al Mazrah Map Change to road by Hydro

Vehicle Ramp at Al Malik International

Another minor change to the map is the addition of a small vehicle ramp at the garage in Al Malik International. This will allow you to fly off the edge in any vehicle you drive.

Al Mazrah Map Change - Ramp at Airport

Changing the map to introduce new features is a great way to keep the game fresh and players coming back.

However, the recent news for Warzone Ranked is sure to have players even more excited for the future. Make sure you know when to expect a Warzone competitive mode!

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