These overpowered Akimbo pistols will make farming those Tier 3 Contracts in MW3 Zombies a much easier task!

The Red Zone, or Tier 3, is one of the most challenging locations to survive and complete contracts in. However, the rewards you earn are entirely worth the difficulty.

Eliminating Bosses can be a grueling task, but with these Snakeshot Pistols, you can easily farm the game’s Bounty Contracts as they shred the health of these Elite monsters.

MWZ Snakeshot Pistols Can Complete Tier 3 Bounty Contracts Easily

The TYR, equipped with the “Akimbo” Rear Grip and the “Snakeshot” Ammunition, is one of the best weapons in MW3 Zombies to farm the Tier 3 Bounty Contracts.

With multiple upgrades through the Pack-a-Punch machine or Aetherium Crystals, this weapon can easily tear down the health of the stronger zombies.

In our opinion, the Bounty Contracts are by far the easiest to complete in Tier 3. The only task you need to focus on is killing the Elite Boss.

With just a couple of magazines, you can kill these Bosses in seconds. This means you can complete a ton of Bounties in quick succession.

TYR Pistol in MW3

Get Your Pistols Ready

  1. To get your pistols ready to destroy the Elite Zombies with ease, increase their rarity using Aether Tools. These can be found from Reward Rifts for completing Contracts.
    • We recommend using a Legendary Aether Tool. This makes this weapon most effective.
    • Completing Contracts in Tier 2 and Tier 3 will increase the odds of receiving Epic or Legendary Aether Tools.
  2. You will also need to Pack-a-Punch your weapon in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Zones. Using the Aether Crystals can speed up this process.
    • Our recommendation is to upgrade these pistols to Level 3 Pack-a-Punch before taking on Tier 3 Bounty Bosses.
  3. If you wish, you can make this weapon better by applying an ammo mod.
    • For OG Zombies fan, you can add Shatter Blast to turn this weapon into something close to the M1911’s Pack-a-Punched “Mustang and Sally” from the original Black Ops game.

One of the most significant downsides to this weapon is its range. To defeat the Bosses, you will need to get up close. If you prefer to create distance as you take them down, check out the overpowered Crossbow in MWZ.

Akimbo TYR Best Weapon to Farm Tier 3 Contracts

You can check just how powerful the Akimbo Snakeshot TYR pistols are in the video below:

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