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Aim Settings of Top Warzone Streamers Revealed – Sensitivity & More

The settings for some of the world’s top Warzone streamers and content creators have been revealed.

Aim is one of, if not the most important factor in Warzone success. And while it takes a lot of practice to improve your aim, there are also a number of settings that you can change to give you the best accuracy.

Luckily, a member of the Warzone community has made a huge list featuring the aim settings for all the top Warzone streamers. Have a look and try them out – it might help you hit your shots more.

Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Season 3 Reloaded

Warzone Settings – NICKMERCS, Aydan, Swagg & More

While settings in any game are a matter of preference, and there is no ‘correct’ setting to use, the top Warzone streamers are some of the best players and will have found some of the most effective options for high level play.

A member of the Warzone community has put together a list of the settings for the top controller players. This includes streamers like NICKMERCS, Aydan, Swagg, Tommey, JGOD, and TeePee.

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There is some variety with the preferred Warzone controller settings for many streamers, however, most agree on the type of aim curve. Almost all of the content creators on the list chose the Dynamic ‘Aim Curve’ setting for aim assist.

Find out the best aim assist setting in Warzone for every playstyle here.

Warzone Salt Mine

Players on PC can also use these Warzone settings to improve performance and boost FPS. They should also turn off NVIDIA DLSS as it is causing terrible aim issues.

Have a look at the Warzone settings list below and see if your favorite streamers are on it. Try playing a game or two with their settings and see what you think, it could improve your game!

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Unfortunately, even using the settings of top Warzone streamers can’t fix some in-game issues. The terrible lighting in Verdansk ’84 that massively hinders visibility is still a major problem. Luckily, a fix for the blinding lens flare is on the way.

Finally, Activision has announced its new action to combat toxicity. Over 350,000 toxic Call of Duty players have been banned in the last year.

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