At CES 2024, MSI revealed their new AI-enabled gaming monitor that players could use to cheat in competitive titles such as MW3 and Warzone.

It will have a variety of concerning features that may give players a serious advantage in online multiplayer games.

Where Call of Duty is concerned, it could give players yet another way to cheat in MW3 and Warzone. Lobbies are already chock-full of cheaters, with COD’s RICOCHET anti-cheat struggling to keep up.

AI-enabled tech, such as MSI’s new monitor, may give cheaters another leg up.

What Is MSI’s AI Monitor?

MSI’s MEG 321URX QD-OLED display is an upcoming AI-powered gaming monitor that uses AI software and training tools to significantly increase accessibility options.

Depending on the use case, it could also give you an in-game advantage (cheat) in online multiplayer games.

In its current demo, the monitor detects enemies in League of Legends’s mini-map and highlights the direction they are coming from.

Furthermore, MSI promises to release an AI training tool alongside the monitor. It will help you train it to give you even more advantages in online games.

In its current state, this tech was not demoed on any other competitive game. Nonetheless, it appears the idea is to expand this technology to benefit other titles and gaming genres, such as FPS like MW3 and Warzone.

MSI meg 321urx qd-oled AI Monitor

Was the AI Monitor Made for Cheating?

The monitor was not meant to be used in this way. In fact, according to Linus Tech Tips, MSI states, “This isn’t cheating because all it’s doing is watching the mini-map for you, and in theory isn’t doing anything a skilled player couldn’t do on their own.”

But it is clear that many could exploit its features to possibly cheat in multiplayer games. Linus makes a good point by stating: “By that logic, why not highlight your opponents in CS2?” making a good example of possible exploits.

If you want a closer look, check out Linus Tech Tips showcasing it below:

MSI’s monitor has the following AI features that players may take advantage of:

  • AI-powered SkySight feature
    • SkySight is a feature that uses AI to detect and show the player the location of enemies on the screen
    • The feature was showcased during a match of League of Legends in the above Linus Tech Tips video. The monitor uses AI to analyze the game’s mini-map and then highlights the enemy’s location with large indicators that pop up on the screen:
Linus Tech Tips MSI AI Moniter League of Legends
Credit: Linus Tech Tips
  • Trainable AI models
    • The monitor has a feature where it will use AI to recognize other visual elements in any game. You can feed it your own training data where it’ll make custom AI models
    • This will initially require your PC’s processing power to set up. But then, it will be able to work on its own

What’s important to note here is that the information presented to the player is generated by AI from the monitor. They have nothing to do with the game itself.

This means that the player will be given extra information that the game’s developers did not implement or intend for them to see.

Furthermore, the trainable AI models could offer unlimited potential in what visual information you’ll be able to receive in a given game, depending on how you’ve trained it.

If this came to be this way, the possibilities for cheating seem endless.

Unlimited Cheating Potential

Due to the AI-powered UI overlays and trainable AI models, MSI’s monitor might give gamers plenty of ways to cheat in practically any game they want if the technology is developed further.

Popular FPS YouTuber JackFrags put out a video expressing his concerns about the cheating potential with MSI’s AI monitor:

In the video, JackFrags suggests a myriad of ways players could train the monitor’s AI to cheat in competitive multiplayer games such as MW3 and Warzone:

  • To highlight enemy players with a large red outline and a chevron arrow icon
    • This would be especially beneficial for playing on larger maps. Thus making it useful for Warzone or the War Mode game type.
MSI AI Monitor cheat jackfrags video highlighting players
Credit: JackFrags
  • To spot enemies in dark and hard-to-see areas
  • To highlight sniper glare/glint that you would have otherwise missed
MSI AI Monitor cheat jackfrags video highlighting sniper glint
Credit: JackFrags

These are just a few ways in which players could use the monitor to cheat in online games. There are likely to be countless other ways people can custom-train their AI models to gain an advantage.

What does This Mean for MW3 & Warzone?

AI-enabled tech and software can potentially impact multiplayer in MW3 and Warzone in a hugely negative way. It’s not good news for Call of Duty fans.

As the AI will run through the monitor independent of your PC, it could be almost impossible to detect through RICOCHET anti-cheat. This means that players may be able to cheat without any repercussions whatsoever.

What’s more, you may even be able to take advantage of the MSI monitor’s AI-powered benefits on consoles as well as PCs. Once the AI training has been set up, it will run independently. Due to this, it could presumably work when an Xbox Series X|S or PS5 is connected to it.

Warzone player standing over another

When released into the wild, this can potentially get into a lot of people’s hands. It could give huge amounts of players a very easy way to cheat in COD games.

If MSI goes forward with the release of their AI monitor and there is a way to exploit said technology, we have to hope the likes of RICOCHET can keep up with the spread of AI-powered cheating in MW3 and Warzone. We certainly have our fingers crossed that this will be the case!

MW3 multiplayer key art

If that wasn’t depressing enough, check out how this gamepad mapper gives PC players no recoil and controller aim assist for another way players can easily cheat in MW3.

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