Activision Teases Warzone Season 4 With “Top Secret Message”

Call of Duty Warzone Teaser

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While Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is a matter of weeks away, Activision has posted another teaser for the upcoming content drop. This teaser comes courtesy of their latest “Rank Up Report.”

Activision’s weekly rank up reports usually include a series of details, including operators of the week and rank up tips. However, the latest rank up report has been interrupted by a “top secret message to all armistice operators.”

Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4 Teaser

This message is cryptic to say the least. It appears to shed light on the latest events in Verdansk, as well as teasing Call of Duty Warzone Season 4. The company has alerted players to a secret weapon underground.

We have received word of a prototypical weapon hidden underground in Verdansk.

Activision Rank Up Report #29

Within the past week, there have been a series of telephones dotted around the world of Verdansk. Upon clicking on them, some of these give a message which is part of the steps required to enter bunker 11. In the latest teaser, Activision seems to have also talked about these telephones.

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“The calls are now going to multiple hardlines in Verdansk… Brush up on your Russian – you might need it.”

Activision Rank Up Report #29

These telephones contain cryptic messages in Russian, although once translated, it looks like they are giving players numbers.

You can find this teaser in the Activision Rank Up Report #29, although you’ll have to scroll down a little in order to see it. This is not the first time Activision has teased Season 4 in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Yesterday, the official Call of Duty website posted a short video, which seemingly hints at Captain Price as the next operator.

We’ll likely see many more teasers in the coming days, so make you keep an eye out on the official Call of Duty social media accounts.

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