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Activision Promises to Fix Warzone Cheating Again

It appears that Activision may be finally taking interest in Warzone hackers, as the company promises, once again, to fix in-game cheating.

Call of Duty’s signature battle royale has more than its fair share of issues. However, the biggest problem with Warzone is the sheer volume of hackers that appear to be present.

Lately, fans are finding that every few games have at least one hacker present in it, making it impossible to enjoy the experience.

warzone anti-cheat
(Source: Activision)

What’s more, it appears that Warzone cheaters are on the rise, and there’s very little being done to stop them.

Warzone Cheating Will Be Fixed

According to a new Warzone Message of the Day, cheating in the battle royale will finally be fixed.

In a new post on the front page of Warzone, Infinity Ward and Activision are working aggressively to keep the game fun and fair.

This news comes after one Warzone streamer recently went on a major rant against Activision. However, it’s not time to celebrate just yet.

Warzone cheating
(Source: Activision)

Some users are pointing out that the message, which promises 24/7 security monitoring, and the reviewing of all possible hacks, is actually a reposted MOTD.

The ‘Cheaters Not Welcome’ statement made its first appearance back in April 2020 – just one month after Warzone’s launch.

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Now, as we head into the second year of Warzone, the game has over 85 million players. And that does seem to make the claim of ‘50,000+ permabans to date’ a little less encouraging.

After all, that only accounts for about 0.05% of the game’s total player count. What’s more, there’s now a new cheat that unlocks everything in Warzone instantly.

This new purchasable hack will allow banned players to pick up exactly where they left off in no time.

warzone cold war Operators
(Source: Activision)

Despite this message having first appeared in April, Warzone still has no solid anti-cheat software. And now that Cold War has launched, the game is facing similar issues.

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In fact, so little is being done to prevent users from cheating, that some Cold War streamers are openly bragging about hacking.

Warzone Players Aren’t Happy With Activision

To promise players that more anti-cheat measures are coming, while a new Pay to Win skin is currently present in Warzone seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth. Fans over on the game’s subreddit certainly don’t appear to be taking the message seriously.

“Bragging about 50k bans on a F2P game with this bad of a cheating issue is such a joke, anti-cheat team should be embarrassed,” claims one user.

Other commenters point out that the concept of an anti-cheat team is probably not something that Warzone has implemented.

But it’s not just cheaters that are plaguing Warzone right now. There’s a new annoying Warzone glitch that makes loadout drops unreachable for a start.

What’s more, some users are finding certain weapon sights broken. Thankfully there’s a solution to fix Warzone’s broken weapon scopes.

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